1. Im on this cbd journey im an avid thc user and the cbd is very different but nice. I just hate this search for good fresh tasting flowers.
    Your reviews are great thanks for making them.
    Im definitely subscribed my brotha

  2. Ye didn't look the best, hook me up with a good US supplier and i'll send you some of the best EU flowers to review, very loud smell of Cheese on the tropical cheese by WholesaleHenry

  3. Caught myself saying tricomes when he asked what are the crystals called, then he replied with tricomes, felt like me and homie was having a real ass conversation! Lol

  4. Thats whats up!!! Hey is that a Raw Stash Box and Tray? If So, Can you show it and what was the ticket on it???… Just caught your Vids for the first time a sec ago… Im liken the channel……

  5. Hey I like your videos I was wondering had you had and cbd flower that has that gas taste and smells loud ? If you could point me in that direction it would be highly appreciated

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