1. Here’s what’s up. Nobody should start smoking. Nobody should ever start smoking an e-cig if they aren’t already smokers. BOTH are unhealthy. BUT…hear me out…..

    * With smoking cigarettes: you smell, teeth stained, breath of an ash-tray, shortness of breath from the smoke, burn marks – or hell….even a FIRE (I work for an apartment complex that just lost 34 units this last year because of ONE poorly extinguished cigarette – don’t worry, everyone and every pet was completely fine), you compromise your voice (especially hard-hitting for singers/actors, etc.), fingers/fingernails are stained, etc.

    * With an e-cig – nearly ALL of that is IMMEDIATELY a non-issue!!!!!!!

    I 100% understand and agree with the fact that there is sooooooo much more testing and research in fine-tuning these devices to make them healthier options. BUT, nobody can ignore the MASSIVE adjustments to physical existence, and SAFETY as I just mentioned.

    I’m a light smoker, and JUST switched to the JUUL. For me, it’s a transition into quitting all together, and THAT’S what the objective should be for the company and ALL users! It’s not a fix. It’s NOT ultimately healthy. BUT, there are sooooo many IMMEDIATE improvements it makes regardless. And any smoker should seriously keep that in mind when weighing the decision to try something like this out.

    This society is arguing over very few things, when there are HUNDREDS of insanely immediate benefits/cures it offers to the health and safety of an already-smoker!

    But seriously people. Please don’t abuse this. It’s not “cool”, it’s not a “fad” or “trendy”……and that attitude is over-saturating this tool in a very negative and counterproductive way. We have people in our government fighting tooth and nail to ban all of these products, or at the very least – anything with flavor. And that’s merely because people are abusing the shit out of this and trying to glamorize vaping.


    Well, cheers to a new you, girl! You’re someone who should most definitely be taking this journey, and I’m right there with you! Best of luck in 2019!

  2. Agree 1000%@3:48 …What do people do?…..I been trying to quit as well, a toothpick works wonders, it likes my brain thinks I’m supposed to have something in my mouth , I might try hypnosis! Cool review ✌️ And very nice eyes, no flirt just giving a compliment

  3. I smoked 20 years, bought an E cigg, on day 3 I was leaving for work & was like…..oops forgotmy smokes on the shelf by the door……. then was like…….. I dont even need them, and headed to my car. I quit for a month but one day didnt have a charged battery & was low on a cartridge, and decided to buy a pack, and there I was back to smoking again. – When I tried the Ecigg, I was NOT trying to quit smoking nessesarily, just wanted to try the Ecigg. – But from that month, what I learned was……. when I "decide" to quit & have my focus right, Ecigg will be the method.

  4. I just passed a week smoke free. The first 2.5 days I had nothing. I already owned a juul though and on day 3 I ended up hitting it. I still hit my juul a few times throughout the day. But it’s so much better than 1-2 packs a day. Seriously though. Just quit smoking. It’s really not that hard. You got this.

  5. I’m all over your channel today but congrats and good luck! I’m about 9 months smoke free by vaping (eGo AIO device), also quit because I had an “I’m 30 and can feel myself dying” moment. Have comfortably eased my way down to 0.3% nicotine. Vaping can work!

    If for whatever reason the juul doesn’t work for you (5% nicotine is a LOT? Most juice manufacturers only go up to 3.6% if that— I smoked 2 packs a day and started on 1.8%), a subreddit called “electronic_cigarette” helped me figure out a lot of this stuff. Again, good luck!

  6. ive heard with any addiction doing less and weaning yourself off of the thing is the best/most productive step in quitting than anything else, so you're definitely doing something right!

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