Just another Weed Grow – Is that a Hermaphrodite? Is my Cannabis plant pollinated?!

It’s obviously extremely frustrating to have this happen and really couldn’t have come at a worst time. Just take note and TEST your genetics against ALL kinds of …


  1. Spraying Optics foliar switch at day 7 and day 17 of flower will stop this shit from forming on herm prone strains or herms from user error. It wont revert a herm back to a female nor change a male to a female but once you already have a male pod/hermie issue spraying switch does tend to make male pollen infertile, Forces existing male pods that have been spayed from continuing to grow and sometimes fall off and will stop male growth and seeds from progressing……thats if you catch it in time. Fucking herms eh, Fucking herms.

    Switch is ethephon liquid which when sprayed evaporates into ethylene gas which promotes female growth and inhibits male growth….I use this stuff at day 7 and 17 flower regardless if theres a herm issue….Just cant trust breeders to stabilize their strains due to what i believe is them rushing genetics to the market for profit…Sloppy practices really……..That and user error 😀
    You only need a light spraying of this stuff, If you go too heavy it can burn the plant but as unsightly and worrying as the burns may look it doesnt seem to effect the over out come as within 7 or so days there will so much new growth you will hardly be able to see the burning caused especially if you defoliate…i find that if i dilute switch with water at a 1:1 ratio it allows a more thorough spraying without the potential burning….But the burns seem more superficial than anything else. Hope this helps everyone who uses or wants to use it.

    Its not snake oil guys, Switch really dose work and for an extra effective kick use it with transport. Cheers big ears.

  2. Just an FYI, don't fret just yet!!! Edit, Crap Nick I didn't see this is 2 weeks ago 🙁
    I had the same happen with my kepper mom Dark Plasma #5 and her sister #1.
    I had sexed them, found 2 females that I liked from 3. Took cuts and filled my 5×5 tent with 6 cuts of #1 and only 1 cut of #5.
    The number 1 was very lanky so I was running a scrog primarily and focused on my #1.
    Disaster at Day 14 leaf strip. All 6 cuts of my number 1 hermed. No nanners in the buds (true herm) just male parts on the lowers. It's import to differentiate I think.
    Long story long I chopped all 6 cuts and the culmination of 6 months background work had led to that winter run… so it hurt bad.
    I kept the 5 going and wouldn't you know it 2 days later a couple of male parts on this one…
    Now I'm screwed if we lose this plant with 0 medicine so I kept her, wishing I had kept the other since I was expecting seeds anyway.
    I removed male parts and once more I had stressed her out and she did it again. That time I missed 2 parts and they opened however no viable or visible pollen was released. No seeds in the final product either so the point of my long story is that I think the extreme genetic diversity in the cross maybe or a heavy Thai influence is causing the issue however, it might not actually be a problem.
    I plan to continue running my #5 it's just in a league of its own. I popped some more and found a very hearty one but it's just such a low yeilder so far.
    Anyway hope it's not actually viable pollen brother. Stress induced male parts, temporary?

  3. Dude I want some seeds….. Also, plants with the hermy tendency like to be tapered into flower…. It's what I'm doing my current grow videos on with CannaLouie…….

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