It's Time for a Change – Shopping for Our Next Camper | Van Life S2:E1

The time has finally come for us to start shopping for a new camper. We’re looking at all types of RVs for sale from class B vans to truck campers to small travel …


  1. I guess you guys sort of have to ditch the Hymer and get something else in order to keep going with your social media. But at least Hymer won’t ask you to give the free van back to them now, lol.

  2. We just saw a Plateau FL by Pleasure Way, and were quite impressed. It has a front living with a dedicated desk area, and LOTS of windows.

  3. This comment relates to a prior video with the egg and rice dish. My mother is Asian and I grew up eating egg and rice, but I hadn’t eaten the dish in many years. I got my rice cooker out and had a meal. Thanks Kate! Love WTR.

  4. I watched a video by a guy, who's rig had slide outs. The owner complained that rigs with slide outs are a big pain in the ass when you don't have them expanded.

    He said, you don't think about how narrow and limited your space is, until you start doing a lot of short overnight stops with the slide outs retracted. They are much more confined and narrow in their retracted form, than standard rigs that don't have slideouts. Constantly moving from one end of the space to the other, is a tighter squeeze and it quickly becomes a big chore. Also, some parts of the rig become almost inaccessible, rendering them virtually useless.

    He said, if he had to do it all over again, he would have bought a standard rig. The take away that I got from his video was that, you really need to spend some time in a rig with the slideouts retracted. Move around in it and practice doing all of your daily activities and chores, going from front to back and accessing things as you normally would. If you totally love the rig in it's retracted form, then buy it. But. If you only love it when its expanded, then dont buy one or you will regret it.

  5. Mercedes recommends changing the Sprinter oil every 20000 miles, and I only pay $200/ service. Of course I take it to a Mercedes approved service center, but never to a dealer. Other than the regular service, it doesn't seem to need much, and it drives and rides like a car. Not to mention the fact we were getting up to 19 miles to the gallon in a class C.

  6. You guys did a video on the model camper we have, the 2017 Winnebago View 24v. We've had it for over two years and we absolutely love it. We've already put more than 30,000 miles on it, and we're just starting. Love your channel, hope to see you guys down here in Sarasota one day.

  7. Just a suggestion, check out “Humble Road”, this guy has some good ideas in building a van. I know you have said that building van doesn’t interest you, but you maybe surprised how much money you can save. Keep it simple 😎

  8. A used freightliner 26' refer box and buy a wrecked motor home for component parts of a motor home. If you have work skills and time. I have found retired or disabled craftsman who have skill cheaper than dealers.

  9. Looked at Frito lay box truck. By Ford you can install a lift gate for screened porch and bike hitch. Go to van dealer commercial dealer. I used Chev express 3500 cutaway with utility box walk in. 11' x 8' x 75" the height is an issue residential streets for s polar panels

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