1. I grow all organic non-gmo in soil and food grade equipment and never pesticides , but I still rinse my buds (plain clean gentle room temp water bath only) . Just to rinse off any surface impurities . Most things become MORE Toxic when burned! Many choose a more chemical grow style and think it all just magically goes away at harvest (it doesn't!). Outdoor crops are always washed (fruits,veggies and other) and inspected for quality , Why wouldn't people expect the same with a plant used topically,ingested,smoked,vaped or whatever , especially when any chemical/pesticides are used. (not all pesticides/fertilizers/products are meant for use on ingested/smoked plants)You don't clean the Forrest , you clean what is brought in from outside before putting it in your body . Outdoors or inside, many things unseen will find their way to plants(especially when sprayed on) , Most people just don't want to smoke it. Many just grow a few plants for privet use at home (not a lab), and life can be messy anywhere, so a rinse shouldn't be unheard of . Have a great day all you dirty bud smokers out there , I'll stick with my NON-GMO,NON-PESTICIDE/CHEMICAL , All organic triple rinsed hippy home grown.

  2. You don't ever do this lol omg how to get you dumb right quickly the ever get the problem as this guy did or is describing you THROW IT AWAY lol don't waste your time doing this your only making the cannabis poison

  3. could filla pump swuirter or bottle with that peroxide water n another wih the limesoda eater, n hose urbplants off after u sauirt em as like while theyre groein pteventitive measure so u dont gotta lose nothin to rot, periodic squirtdowns

  4. Just like that witch from sleeping beauty.. rotten apple into the cauldron. Might look ight coming out, but God daym when you consume it your gonna get f*ck*d!!

    Just gonna slap some chemistry down for you in layman's terms.
    When it's rotten or molded, the chemical composition changes. Not to mention soaking it in all that "shit" as you'd say does too.
    Don't be "gifting" that shit to no one. Keep that bud for your self bro. Enjoy 😉

  5. Nice frosted flakes, rotten buds,
    N pan over to your shitty weapon collection. Must be killing all that mildew n mites with the crossbow n BB gun. If you needa give your weed a 3 stage bath…

    your growing it wrong -End of story.

  6. if you got rot or moldy but you shouldnt even smoke that shit. if you have a clean grow environment you shouldn't have to wash, or get a grow tent clean the tent every harvest. outdoor grows make a hoop house, green house can prevent bugs and little critters you will find if exposed to full outdoor elements. keep it clean, covered, airflow ect. do your research

  7. So many dislikes, must be something wrong with this video, idk anything about growing, I just smoke and vape it lmao. But fr tho, large amounts of weed in legal states are treated so nicely, here in florida, a QP is like holy fuck shit dick!

  8. Ha ya I don't think he has a clue … like he is clearly taking a lot of thc off …also Sun kills thc or degrades it. And ya most people stop watering for the last week before cutting it down …

  9. Just use copper wire thickish around the stem but not tight,,,do a few round loops…and kayan pepper,,and a few other things,,,there is no need for that

  10. Wow! OMG this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. If you have to “wash” your buds you have seriously fucked up as a grower! Do not “wash” your buds people come on use your fucking heads for a little more then a hat rack. 😳😶😐

  11. Well for all you dumb fucks washing buds for molds is a known fact while I dont agree with him using baking soda I mean George Cervantes has a 5 year old video washing buds with peroxide water and he has been a known source for years and years for the most basic facts of cannabis and most likely no one is gonna share with you that he or she had to wash off bud rot or PM im guessing I've seen it done before when the buds were covered in tiny bugs so they were gonna make the bud into concentrate and decided to do a hydro wash before hand and it actually got all the bugs off the buds and left them hanging in from of a fan until the buds were not dripping and soaked I hate when youtubers have no life and hate on a grown man trying to inform some people I mean if you all watched the whole video why are yall commenting on the peroxide being harmful and not a word about the baking soda

  12. So we all just gonna ignore the fact that he has a fucking beautiful dog walking around like a boss!?!?! Beautilful pitty man straight up even tho i can really only see the back of his head lol its all G tho you can tell off the bat right away how amazing he is! Ps. Great vid! Blaze one my fellow ninjas 🔥🔥🔥😎

  13. Damn bro why is everyone shitting on him? You’re not fucking smoking his shit so it has absolutely nothing to do with you. People get so triggered about stuff that doesn’t effect them at all.

  14. What an ass clown. Clean it good before it goes to cancer patients etc..Try not being a dirty fuck starting by getting the dog away from the buds. What a dirt bag.

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