How to use Instagram Stories – a step-by-step guide

Subscribe now โ–ป – How to use Instagram Stories, a new Snapchat-inspired feature for Instagram. In this tutorial, we show you how to use …


  1. I can't reply to insta stories. Like there isn't a button or anything with which I could reply to them. I'm not blocked or anything from replying to these people so idk wtf is wrong

  2. I learned a lot from the video, but a critical instruction I missed is how to set it up BEFORE posting for public consumption. How can you test a story out, BEFORE posting? Also, can you add to an exiting story? Can you place that addition ANYWHERE within the timeline, or is only option to post at the end of time?

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  4. Hi. Thanks for the tutorial. When you press the check mark to add clips/pictures to your story does that mean that your story is then viewable by your followers? Or can you add stuff throughout the day and then post for your followers? Thanks.

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  6. instagram stories only last for 24 hours. after that u are able to "save" it into your instagram profile under highlights, and u can even rename and categorize the different folders. how do u do that..? please help.

  7. So I know this is 2 years old. But I just started trying to get with the program of using Instagram stories. Anyway, you didn't really go over the pictures (again I know it's 2 years old) part more in depth. But I added a few pictures (already taken from my phone – not through the camera of IG) and it posted only one. Once I posted the picture into my stories I tried adding another one and it didn't let me add more images anymore into my stories. Why? If I were to take the pictures through the ig camera can I add more even after I posted the story? Do I make sense? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  8. My question is :how do we add a photo behind the question sticker and add pic when we get an answer to the question sticker?please if you don't get it I can explain but help me out can ya?

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