How to Get Stuff Done with Kids | Mom of 5 Work at Home

I get asked this question all the time. “How do you get stuff done with kids?” I don’t know if I can really answer that question perfectly, but I will at least share with …


  1. I just had my second baby and I'm definitely more laid back already. While I was watching this I realized that we didn't wash my toddler boy's hands after he was crawling around in the dirt, and then fed him dinner…

  2. I love your content so much. I am a full time working mom of two girls. We are so blessed to have our kids, so I just choose to feel grateful all the time. I have been listening to all your blogging advice as I started my blog all about health, happiness, and freedom and I have gotten over 500 views already in less than two months. Thank you for all your advice! I can’t wait to buy your course.

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  5. Just welcomed our fifth boy! I’m a little nuts right now with the weather and trying to contain the salt/wet mess but it really is futile to address is more than once or twice a day. I have several girlfriends who have asked me questions or complained about something and I think, “She needs to have another baby!” I credit my children for making me a better person. I used to care about some really dumb stuff and they have shown me a better way. Clearly I need of a lot of sanctification!

  6. Your kids are lucky to have such an easy-going mom. Me and my sibling were beaten until we had bruises just for getting dirty in the mud. The mud was washed down the drain, but it took years to heal from the beatings.

    I have two kids only, and I have been easy going like this from the start and actually have followed lots of your tips right from the birth of my first. Never a strict schedule, simple meals, never worried over when/what they eat, and we are happy.

  7. 👋👋 5. Girl, I always tell people that perfect child number 1 is a trick of mother nature to get you to have more kids. Don't trust them or your abilities. Number 2,3,4,5 is not a multiplier it's an exponent!

  8. How do you enforce quiet time 1-3. My 2 and a half year old is in the process of dropping his nap and I can't imagine how to encourage him to stay in his room quietly on his own?! Xx

  9. We had 5, and I am extremely organized and I have a spot for everything. I decided early on what my priorities were and stuck with them. I have worked outside the home as a nurse and been a student, and a stay at home mom. There is no perfect formula, it’s whatever works for you. Take what works and leave the rest. All our children are grown up now and what I see is there is so much pressure on you young parents then we had. We didn’t have computers, cell phones and people telling us if our kids didn’t do a million activities we were bad parents. Too much pressure. Focus on what’s important to you, kids grow up so fast you can’t believe it. Enjoy the moments, enjoy your husband and family life. You are doing a great job Mommies! I always try to support my children and their families when they need me. I will clean and cook, wash or fold their laundry to give them that break. I remind them how proud I am of them what great parents they are and how much I love them. I respect their relationship, their family and how they do things. I don’t give advice unless asked.

  10. Homeschooling, work at home mom of 7, here. All of those things! Plus, I try to be very purposeful about how I spend my time. As you said, bargain hunting is not worth my time. I try to be doing several things at once. So, my machines are going, I am doing whatever it is I am supposed to be doing with that time-getting ready for the day, plus I am listening to a youtube video or podcast, moisturizing my face, wiping down the bathroom, whatever.

  11. I don't have 5 kids but thought this video had helpful, practical advice for busy moms. I like your meals you cook for the family and do not worry how much each kid eats etc…Your channel is really good, Lisa, not sure how you can answer all the posts! God bless.

  12. So with the food, if your kids don't eat it, do you throw it away or put it in a container for the next meal for leftovers? Do you make them eat leftovers? I'm thinking if they don't eat you eventually throw it away and how do you reconcile that with the price of food? I over and over again have this problem and it is stressful, looking for some insight. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO, extremely helpful!

  13. This was so wonderful and encouraging!! I’m a first-time-mom of a 9 month old, and God willing we hope to have three more kids. My husband and I often find ourselves saying things like “can you imagine this times (2, 3, etc)??” I work from home for a company and I have my own business. I have been searching YouTube for someone to relate to and feel like I’ve found my person 😅 Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  14. Needed this today. I have 2, and I’m constantly overwhelming myself worrying about small things. What they will eat, am I ignoring them while I’m cleaning or making calls, should I play with them more, etc. Just Mom guilt that wastes time and energy

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