Exposing NY Medical Cannabis~ NOT able to travel w/ prescription

New York State medical cannabis program as presented by Wellness Hero. I am a combat veteran of the military and am seeking a FAIR, OPEN ingredients to …


  1. Ok what’s the updates since??? I’m actually going tomorrow to a dispensary and honestly I’m not feeling very encouraged. I mean I’m glad I’ve been approved but I have had excruciating severe pain. Believed to be puedendal neuralgia that actually sends lightning strikes to my clitioris, pelvis, and anus. I’ve lost,my independence and my life style literally overnight in May and have been fucked up every since….this was one of my hopes. That this would at the very least make me smile again, make love again,and even come off the pain meds without suffering, so I can get back to my farm’ily. Please don’t stop vlogging your experiences with this. Be a voice for us. (((Hugs)))

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