1. I started watching this video at 9:43 P.M. and just finished it now. That took me an hour and 2 minutes. Just like with "Gorilla Cop Saves the Day!", this episode is named after a story that didn't get much focus as a few of the other ones that you guys covered.

  2. In 5th grade here in Ohio we attended camp Campbell guard for 3 nights 3 days and one all nighter of basically a full recreation of what its like to be a runaway slaves on the underground railroad being chased by guys with real guns with blanks and dogs and really being shot at with blanks of course and running and hiding in houses that had the lantern shining and some groups would be caught and you had to run away from the captures like it was super intense we had kids literally crying…this was back in like 2003 2004 or so

  3. theyre may be more woman for internet today than you think . Only reason is my wife loves the show but she only watches it on my account because she isnt really tech savy . so maybe there are more out there that watch the show with their spouses

  4. I really like these guys, but fuck that on the realist-o-metor; if someone pushed a double 2 inch circle in your back and asked for money for money, would you question if it's pvc piping or pay the man?

  5. A juvenile cougar is still dangerous, I've worked with cheetah cubs before which are very similar to cougars and they are very aggressive. If they managed to get to your neck they could kill you with ease

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