Coltyn Turner Treats His Crohn's Disease With Cannabis Oil

“15-year-old Coltyn Turner testified before the Colorado state legislature and rode a bike again for the first time in years. Previously so ill he was confined to a …


  1. i have crohns and i currently smoke 2 joints a day of strong cannbis and i smoke it pure but i wanns get some high cbd oil but i dunno whst im looking for someone help please

  2. Careful in reading all the comments…I see the usualbig pharma shills on here…like the guy below saying-do only what your medical Dr says…I've seen where that road leads…many times. After they destroy the rest of the body and immune system with their evil drugs…colon removal.

  3. Hey buddy my wife is battling crohns and was looking for some advice if we come to Colorado to get treatment. Could we email or chat with you please?

    Promise not to take much of your time.

    Thank you for all of your info and God bless you!

  4. I BOUGHT from the health food store this Green garden gold hemp extract in softgel capsule, what brand products will help with my OBGYN PAP SMEAR check up? im scared of cervix cancer!!!! please someone email me at [email protected] i need to know where online is the best true capsule of hemp to heal my situation, i love this boys testimonial, also i take +CBD OIL brand,.will this help me? someone please give me answers to heal my mild dysplasia cervix.

  5. So proud for you. Keep the good fight going. I am 74 and am in constant pain and almost live in the bathroom. I have tried all the drugs and nothing has worked. Like you, most of them have made me more ill. Oklahoma has just passed the medical marijuana law but it will be at least 6 months before it is regulated and made available. Then the mixing and figuring out which and what works best. Thank you so much for the help and hope.

  6. Very sad the government hasn't taken cannabis out of scheduling yet while holding patents on its medicinal value. Alcohol and tobacco, a cellular toxin and an addictive substance with many class A carcinogens respectively and cannabis an natural god given herb illegal. WTF! Bitch slapping with a car tire to all prohibitionists.

  7. IBS, Colitis Been there done that, mine began with a vengeance when I was 20 about 50 years ago, very tough. In those days no help from the Medical Industrial Complex, no change in that non-wholistic mindset even now I guess. Very long journey began with cows milk sensitive as a baby which in turn means I'm minus "dairying culture genetics ", very colicky when mother chose not to nurse. I've since come to the conclusion I'm short some genes for the mucosal linings as well which seems to include pancreas and other enzyme producing sites. This in turn leads to food allergies/protein sensitivities, read Anaphylactic Shock in times now past (thankfully) when the ulcerated bowel leads to direct unprocessed protein hitting the blood stream . This also seems to have made me sensitive to environmental allergies perhaps a bit more than normal. I've an idea that a lot of others are in my boat with varying degrees depending on how the genetics fell.
    Fixes: 1) full range Digestive enzymes including Lipase and/or other oils emulsifier/digesters being careful to not release to much of these in the upper stomach or they will cause a lot of grief there, I have found many common full spectrum products are rough on the upper Stomach better to use enteric coating if using ox bile and other such, Lipase is not a problem and very helpful. Unprocessed fats because of low pancreatin and bile cause steatorrhoea , it's own miserable diarrhea! Recently heard that Betain HCL can help the addition of those alkaline substances from bothering as much as well as stimulating natural secretions to increase fat absorption. If you are short of enzymes that will often cause over acidity but taking enzymes drops it. I do use gluten digester enzymes whenever doing gluten as it can be an inflammatory problem but I see no need to avoid it as it is so common. I have made an antigen (Homeopathic) for this common Gluten protein as well which is easy to do.
    2) probiotics will go a long ways to overcome the pathogenic bacteria that would love to attack all those nice raw/inflamed openings!
    3) fiber including psyllium to help even out flow.
    4) work on food and environmental allergies with Homeopathic Antigens. Yes they can be eliminated, each course leads to longer remissions of allergies, very simple yet effective!
    Started to learn about enzymes and other natural modes in my thirties, sure wish someone told me about these things long before but natural modalities are not even dreamed of by "modern medicine ", an oxymoron if ever there were one!
    Of course cannabis is likely to be helpful for a very many things including IBS/crohn's but I haven't had access in my area, still under The Ban!
    Not a problem as I can now eat just about anything I want , not too say I should! Still not wise for me to do dairy with my genetics. I definitely would like to experiment with Cannabis though as seemingly years of scarring damage can cause some discomfort when I am still in bed at times, not a big problem.
    There is always more to learn but this is a huge start for you! Life can and will be good again with new knowledges with which to help others.
    With the Blessings of The Lord ! Go Learn, Experiment!

  8. I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease when I was 9 but I have had it since I was only 2 months or so. I’m the youngest person in Sweden ever having crohn’s disease…

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