1. Honestly I’m the long run it’s probably the best thing to teach kids the benefits of cannabis. It’s best people learn at an early age the truth about this medicine. If you still can’t see that and are against it’s legalization you are part of the problem and you need to be re-educated as your opinion is incorrect. This is why legalization shouldn’t be put to a vote because you have no right to vote no. If you vote no on legalization obviously you are not informed enough to be voting and that vote must be for you and you need to be re-educated because you are a threat to the progress of society. You people are so brainwashed by the media to think weed is bad

  2. Hasn't Anderson Cooper reported on massacres ans war around the world?
    And yet he has THE NERVE to act nervous about people smoking marijuana
    In the United States. That right there is where disinfornation comes from. Not even from some organized conspiracy, but for a desire to hide the truth and pretend to be flabbergasted when someone else is doing something that is "controversial".

    Man, I really do hate people like him. Just think about the amount of sheer hyprocrisy
    that is required to see people bein killed and massacred, but then to act surprised about people smoking marijuana simply because the cameras are rolling. That right there is falled two facedness. And it is what keeps people from progressing.

  3. What the fuck CNN. GAY REPORTERS AND REPORTS WITH DRUGS. CNN hit rock bottom. This is the most unprofessional fake news not to to mention a historical low in America. Disgusting. I vote that CNN be removed from our white house and any functions with our government.

  4. Anyone who thinks that Marijuana should be illegal, lets just put them in a cage, because they're the real criminals. If you believe Marijuana is anything less than a medicinal blessing to human beings, you're an uneducated buffoon. If the facts are brought to your attention and you're still out of your mind, you need to be removed from this planet as well as anyone who thinks the people we have locked up for Marijuana should be in there. For fucks sake we are arresting people for trying to better themselves with the positive life changing effect marijuana can have on almost everyone! Wake up America! We've been played like pawns since the day this country was founded! 242 years is too long! It's time we fight fire with fire.

  5. CNN News reporters were so baked that they didn't even notice that their clock was off by over a minute. They had a Happy Late New Year. Bet they still didn't know it till they read this comment

  6. All you crazy ass old people need to chill. This is amazing that they get to do this. Weeds legal in alot of places. Get with the times. Y'all ain't shit and look dumb thinking there's any Issue with bud.

  7. Funny how everyone is getting upset at CNN showing weed smoking when they are covering National get fucked up hard day. It's like going to a bar and complaining about all the drinking.

  8. Not that I think this is right, cnn shouldnt have done that, but popping bubbly (champagne) is synonymous with new years celebration. I wish we'd be more open to weed like that.

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