A Timeline Of How Your Body Heals After You Quit Smoking

A timeline of how your body heals after you quit smoking. Alright, so you’re determined this year to quit smoking but you find it incredibly difficult. Even going a …


  1. What did you think about our smoking time line? Did it inspire you to stop smoking? How about the health benefits? Which was the best? Which ones did we forget? Tell us in the comments section below all about your smoking experience, whether you've quit or not. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. I could quit just like that but it's just I have a lazy ass manager who has an attitude from the time he starts his shift till I leave. He is mad because get it this he has to work and do his job. But as for the video, I only smoke two cigs a day only when he works I get the urge.

  3. I was a smoker for 41 yrs and quit 5 yrs ago. I gained 15 lbs and have since lost 45 lbs. Now in my 50's am living my best life. Smokers do not realize how much they stink and offend others around them. Now i can not stand being around a smoker. If a man asks me for a date and he is a smoker i decline and if asked why i tell them the truth.To all of the smokers out there QUIT NOW! You smell, your breath is like a dirty ash tray and do not think for one minute taking a bath in perfume or cologne masks the smell in any way shape or form, now you smell like a perfumed ash tray. Not to mention the health benefits. My blood work and blood pressure are now that of a teenager. My doctor said is he wishes he was as healthy as i am. My best friend quit 3 months ago and was smoking as long as i did. She told me i was her inspiration because if i can do it ANYONE can. All of the money i used to spend on smoking went towards getting me a new wardrobe after losing all of my weight. When i quit i started a money jar and put all of the money that i used to spend on smoking. I never realized how much money i wasted on slowly killing myself. At the end of the first week i had $98.00 i was like holy crap. Best thing i have ever done for my heath and wallet.

  4. One of the negative benefits of when you stop smoking, you start gaining weight.
    Since I stopped smoking June of last year I am still having complications when it comes to breathing!
    Because of the weight gain, my lap pushes into my gut, my gut pushes up into the lungs, and I have an extremely difficult time breathing.

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