2 Months on CBD for rheumatoid arthritis chronic pain and anxiety ( emotional )

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  1. Taking less pills is way cool. I am happy the CBD is working as well as it is for you. I have been using CBD Hemp Flower for about one month and It has helped me with pain. Another thing it has helped with is insomnia some strains. I used to take Sleeping Pills bad news I was addicted to them. CBD Flower has stopped my ongoing headaches which have been crazy as well. Keep rolling out them reviews. You are a great reviewer! Peace!

  2. Enjoy your vids and cbd as well. Just found this supplement that seems to be helping with joint pain and a recent injury, also people state that one of the herbs in this helps rheumatoid arthritis, and another for pain and inflammation.. https://1stphorm.com/products/health-wellness/joint-health/joint-mobility?a_aid=af6131b4&utm_source=BingSEM&utm_campaign=quattro&utm_medium=cpc&msclkid=26aca229c837140faf9efebf6b6f3084&utm_term=1st%20phorm%20joint%20mobility&utm_content=joint%20mobility Also bought a lb from here for pretty cheap, organic green roots – the pineberry is definitely good. Storing mine in oxygen free oven bags for long term https://www.organicgreenroots.com/ Have a good one, GL & TY for the reviews

  3. Congrats on everything. I’m glad you’re finding relief and wellness through natural remedies. It’s so dope to see how life changing plant based medicine is. Keep healing and keep up the great work. 👑💜🍃

  4. That's great news!!!! I'm happy for you fam!!!! Your gonna love school! Enjoy your blessings!!!! I fucking love you!!! You deserve the best!!! Thankyou for sharing with us!

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