1. Ok you mentioned joint pain I recommend high THCV there are receptors in your bones that respond to thcv and not thc or cbd or cbn also THCV improves your functionality you will feel much more alert and it will increase your sensory awareness and terpene response is important try different terpenes ask your doc about THCV as its the most interactive with bones it’s also show to be a powerful bone stimulant tested on rats by braking there legs and testing the pressure when healed using THCV it was always harder to brake and recovery time reduced. Edit: Thc and cbd are still needed though plz try THCV along with your routine

  2. I think pain management doctors should support ALL available (and safe) options for their patients to achieve some pain relief and as much functionality as possible; not bully, intimidate, or give ultimatums to their chronically ill patients because of their biases, propaganda and misinformation.

    Cannabis and opioids work on different receptor pathways anyway, so even if taken together there are no medical conflicts that I'm aware of between the two interacting. Now that I think about it, it may actually provide the most beneficial pain control when combined, since they each have different action. Sometimes, it is not practical to use cannabis, so opioids should be an option when needed.
    Opioids are non-psychoactive and can help with deeper bone pain (if taking the appropriate med in a therapeutic dose).

    I do hope doctors stop being rigid and controlling and start expanding their knowledge, willingness to learn, and assist their patients with all tools available.

    Sadly, sometimes I can't help but feel the only way treatment of patients would improve would be if doctors (or their child, parent, sibling) had direct experience of living with chronic, painful, life-altering medical conditions, then their compassion, insight, and innerstanding would tremedously increase and change how they treat their patients, for the better.

  3. It is pretty common for people not to feel anything the first time using cannabis. The endocannabinoid system often needs a kickstart and that kickstart is that first time where you don't notice any effects.

  4. I'v been approved for my mm card I have lower back pain that goes down my leg at night while in bed or riding in a vehicle the pain is pinched nerves and bulging discs I don't know what to try so I'm going to be a newbie I don't want to use prescription drugs.

  5. I live in Miami but I am from Seattle where recreational marijuana is legal. And, I tried it to see if it would help my Ankylosing Spondilitis pain management; however, I also have asthma so I asked the dispensary to give me a very mild form of the drops. It had such a horrible effect on me. The horizon wasn't straight for two days and I became very anxious. I've been reluctant to try it again. Do you think I should try again now that medical cannabis is legal here?

  6. Hey so Happy your looking much happier ❤️🙏👍 I started medical about 6 months ago, had 3 back surgeries, failed fusions, a lot scar tissue, nerve damage . Metal rods screws. Other health issues, greatly helps digestive problems, my doc supports both in Pain management, I have cut my pain meds in half, so no it’s not going to take away 100% pain. It does help. But if you damaged from surgeies in chronic ongoing pain, it’s not going to cover completely. I did oils, vaping ect, I used the flower pods in vaporizer ( best relief for me ) and I use Medical Harlequin Grand Daddy Purp, high CBD low THC, great for daytime, Indicas at night I had more pain relief from flower than vaping, helps anxiety, stress insomnia. I go Trulieve. I use 9 lb Hammer flower at night. I use Hybrids Indica dominant during day or Harlequin, Straight Indica night for insomnia. Great going for me the less meds I take better I feel period.So glad Florida doing Medical Cannabis. Different strains have different effects. Go look at App LEAFLY all info you need on strains your store has. KISS 😘 the puppy for me!

  7. Australia sucks in this respect. I have severe chronic pain and we can’t even legally use CDB or even hemp oils. I wish we could use an alternative to narcotics, this just isn’t fair.

  8. I've noticed that you get real chatty when you take your med. mj. Lol, nothing wrong with that, kinda cute. You're probably feeling better. 😆
    I've found that the pure CBD oil worked best for my pain. However, it was difficult to find the 80% concentration. It is NOT mixed with other oil, such as those in a dropper bottle. It is sold in 1.0 ml syringes. Tastes awful and will stick like tar. So I put my dose (.02-.03 ml) in an emptied vitamin capsule and swallow it. I've experienced the most relief ever. Totally surprised. Had to tell my husband the great news. I felt fantastic. No pain for the first time in forever. I haven't tried vaping but I was smoking some. That did nothing for me but make me high. Helped my anxieties but not my pain. It is a trial and error thing. Thanks for sharing.

    The shop here said that the easiest way to remember what the strains do is to think of Indica as "In-Da-Couch" LOL for sleeping/relaxing. I've never forgot that. And sativa for daytime use.

  9. I find vaporizing takes a while to learn the technique of the inhale properly, especially if you are new to inhalation of cannabis. For me, I didn't feel any effects until around my 8th time of trying cannabis. Also, terpenes are your friend!! Find ones that work for you and look for strains that are prominent in those. I find pretty much any cannabis product helps with my chronic nausea, but I have to be a bit more particular to get pain relief. Hope you find success!!

  10. Hi Jaquie..just started watching your channel. Really awesome of you to spend your time and energy to this. Catching up on all videos. I have many of same illnesses as you do.. you mention a high tolerance in this video. Im sure you know but in case not many people with eds and i think specifically hypermobility usually have issues with things not working well or needing higher doses. Wearing off too quickly. I have major isdues with it, some things don't work at all and for ex. I absorb more gas at the dentist faster than a 250 lb man, it baffled him. Anesthesia and numbing agents also have much trouble. Thanks for sharing your journey -Julia

  11. I pray that one day insurance will cover the cost of medical marijuana because I live with chronic illnesses. The meds I take don’t help as much as they could, so I really hope one day I can afford it.

  12. I wonder if the high tolerance issue you’re having is related to how us zebras metabolize medications differently. I had a really bad experience with vaping cannabis bud which scared me off it, both with my MCAS and asthma. It’s nice to know the vape pens aren’t flaring your asthma at all. Like you, the tinctures help my GP a lot but do nothing for body pain. I was thinking I need to make my own tinctures but maybe I should consider a vape pen like you.

  13. Uhh, I'm wondering if these products are work trying. I have GI issues and chronic pain. But, I'm on Morphine and 3 different muscle relaxers. I'm hoping that it would help to get off of the muscle relaxers. Does anyone know if these might help?

  14. I’ve been working a lot and haven’t watched you in a while to be honest, but you popped up in my recommended and you are looking amazing. Seeing you from where you were a year ago as to where you are now is astounding. You have color back in your face, your voice doesn’t sound empty and monotone, and you smile a lot more. Whatever you are doing keep doing!

  15. That same thing happened to me!!! The first time I inhaled my medical marijuana I felt nothing and I was so discouraged and then the next day I had planned on using more than i did the first day in order to get to a dosage that would help, that was a bad choice lol I finally found my perfect amount

  16. Try Protandim Nrf2 and Nrf1 if you are up to something new it is herbs and should work well with the vape pens and CBD, I use to have CBD and vape as a child for sever bedridden migraines. Look at pub med online for Nrf1 and NRF 2 online great resource

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