16 Things You Didn't Know about Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark

My kids love Great Wolf Lodge. They might even like it as much as Disneyland! ha ha. All my daughter wanted for her 8th birthday was to go to Great Wolf Lodge, …


  1. Here’s a funny story…
    My mom booked our trip to GWL today. She was in the middle of booking our room when the internet turned off. My mom turned the internet back on and continued booking our trip, not knowing that she wasn’t booking it for Mason, Ohio (which is an hour away from us). My mom finished booking our trip and was just about to turn her phone off when she realized that she booked it for Sandusky, Ohio instead of Mason, Ohio. (Sandusky is 3 hours away from us) My mom tried to transfer to Mason but since she was paying with a gift card, she couldn’t refund it. Soo… now we’re going on a road trip to Sandusky Ohio 😂

  2. I know I went to the great Wolf Lodge with my friend her mom mixed up the wristbands and me and one of her children got the room key and the adults got the children wristbands

  3. The original is here in WI (Originally Black Wolf Lodge before it became franchised) it's only 3 or 4 floors and theres no underground area here either. Curious to know which one you went to cuz the underground part looks awesome!

  4. Grapevine, TX DID NOT ALLOW FOOD in the waterpark this past weekend. 😕 It was a hassle to pack it all up, carry it down, and then have to carry it right back up and out to the car again because of the misinformation in this video. Bummer.
    The person working the waterpark entrance told me they would only allow food purchased on the premises inside the waterpark.

  5. Hey, love the video it was an eye opener to me because we went to the new one they built in La Grange , Gerorgia. It was not as big as this one and a few of those amenities were not offered there. But we do plan on going again but to a different one.

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