1. Everything has changed. Regular weed has chemicals on it too so regular is now called mid grade . Low grade is no affect . High grade too potent to Have you in a zombie state. The best thing to do is stop smoking weed all together because all weed is tampered with unless its backyard brown weed no affect or little to no effect

  2. I agree with not smoking a certain strain, naturally I stay away from it since I smoked it first I knew it was bad . I stay with mid. I don’t buy the medical weed either, I get it mid street

  3. Do you think they are spraying it with DMT? The local witch, satanist gangstalkers have easy access if you smoke the weed. And it is addictive so much I wonder what they are spraying it with to entrap!

  4. You right bro. A cpl times I talked to higher level beings with that gas, but overall you are right. I had the real plant in the Caribbeans(looked like mid) once, bro I saw a owl and mother gain/earth/nature and I saw chakra column. The weed there looked like mid too

  5. I rock climb, hike and meditate while smoking. And commune with the birds who come to see me (owls, cranes, hawks, cardinals, etc). I haven't had any lesbian thoughts yet, but the way most dudes are these days, If I did…I don't think I could blame it on the bud in good faith.

  6. From my experience the weed in California is exactly as you are describing. It also has an extremely inflated cost for the quality and quantity, to drain people's money. Just a thought, antidepressants also cause sexually deviant thoughts and behavior and many people, women especially take this stuff as a misguided attempt to help themselves. One secret ingredient of antidepressants is fluoride.

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