1. Yooo you back! I used to watch everyday before I came out myself. Especially since you from baldamore ayeee lol you're accent used to be sooo thick I loved it but I can tell you losing it. Miss you girl! Glad you back bout to catch up

  2. I’ve always felt like you’ve been a free spirit, and you live for you. I would love for you to talk about having the courage to live for you and doing the things that make you happy.

  3. I remember yo channel from back in the day. You were dope asf. I always wondered if you were ever coming back. Lol Definitely Too real for YouTube. Glad you’re back, keep them comin. It’s time for a change on this platform. Forget these fake ass pranks, couples and challenges. The only people that are entertained by that are lil kids. I’m grown, give me the Real!❤️

  4. Yo facts!!! You were my first YouTube crush man 😂 You’re speaking the truth definitely YouTube has changed. I didn’t care about the quality of my videos or others that much. I was too busy hoping the dial up internet would cut out 😂 I’ll be sending topics definitely. You true supporters are still here 💯♐️

  5. I'm so happy that you're back!!!😍🤗😘 I remember the good ole days '08 back when things were real and people could tell the difference between Reality vs. Fake SHit🙄 . I would love for you to comeback to YouTube speaking on some mature topics.

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