Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Past Cocaine Addiction and Why She’s Taking on the K2 Epidemic

Talk show host Wendy Williams opens up about her past cocaine addiction and raises awareness of the increasing use of K2 in kids and young adults across …


  1. People who take drugs never really out of it. They claimed they are sober but actually they are not. They always relapse. So, kids do not try it.
    For Wendy, I hope you stay strong and get all the support you need.

  2. Love u wendy not judging u. but every body hav lease one family member on it. so nothing be shame of stay strong stay away from them Devils. So real. I taught u were on weigh diet.

  3. It's crazy that people think that Wendy herself is still on drugs . First off you can't fool doctor oz. I'm sure he would be aware if the person hes having a convo with was under the influence. 2nd Wendy has Graves&Thyroid disease. Pressure behind the eyes that slowly over time casuse them to protrude out of the skull. She has torn tear ducts on the corners of her eyes. That's why She always had that Smokey eye to hide it. So you guys are making fun of a sick woman. #Nice #GetWellSoon

  4. Dr.O'z ,I'm Nicola Rossouw all the way from South Africa I am an x- drug users referring to your question when I got out of drugs I wanted to get a education ,unfortunately I could remember things after studying I spoke to social worker ,she said that because I started using at the early age of eleven years old, while using my brain never had a change to grow as a kid so by the time I was 28 years old I was sitting with a brain of a teenager.

    keep on pushing victory stories on your show addicts needs to know that is their is peeps here's another victories story…Here victory story …..https://youtu.be/hJLX8KfG5sc

  5. This was not my case with my spice (k-2 spice) honestly it was a lot fun, at first at least. I knew who I was and where I was. It was euphoric. It made houses look straight out of a T.V. show. It made anything I was worried about vanish, but it also made me very dark. I did not care what happened to me or the people around me. Everything became a game and the last time I did it I had an overwhelming urge to throw it in a pond, never touched it since. Things can go south very fast, I'm lucky to have had somewhat of a conscience about drugs, it's not worth it.

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