Video of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine made public

The infamous video of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine has been released to the public after an extortion charge laid against Ford’s friend …


  1. Youtube shouldn't allow this – so this a-hole richy that owns Google is responsible for this – no paper or t.v. show would show this! ———— Google, the public built you!!! Show some respect and be a model for youth: take this down !!

    But in public, they love waving their morals at you whilst thumping on a bible.
    What a disgrace.

  3. he is drunk as fuck he has no idea what is going on…. dont be so hard on him.. i highly doubt he smoke crack on his own every day. This bitch he with is such a dirty hoe., not only did he pay for all the drugs, booze and board, she made even more money by filming the poor guy and selling to media. Awesome.

  4. he was human and made mistakes,and admitted to it all,and is now dead from cancer.He said every politician has a skeleton(s) in their closets.most politicians are masters of deception and lies.Rob Ford was a honest man.

  5. Global News is only showing the video after they were finally allowed to upload it. There's nothing wrong with that and they're not dumping on Rob Ford right now. Relax. R.I.P., Rob Ford.

  6. People, obviously this man was afflicted by the intake of such drugs.
    A reminder, drugs have a very ugly history before it reaches North America cities, and an even uglier history afterwards. Abstain yourself and kind from such.

  7. You go Ford! Man lived how he wanted and did good for Toronto. That's what life's about R.I.P big guy. ….Don't particularly like the feller at the end though

  8. you guys are stupid like man is dead why y'all still tryna slander the man for like come on more then half these politicians on and doing coke and on the regs and other drugs and maybe even worst globalnews you wrong for this one leave the dude alone he's dead!

  9. Idiots in the comment section showing bias, sympathy and adoration for this in coherent white crack head politician who would be hated and demonized if he was black. You morons deserve the corrupt leaders you get.

  10. This is disgusting, for all that is holy the man is DEAD!!!!! Give it up, his family and friends deserve some respect as well does Rob. The man did far more good than evil!!! Those of you with out SIN should cast the first stone…….get over it you self righteous peons!!!!!

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