Unraveling the Truth about Fentanyl

This video highlights fentanyl — a popular opioid drug that can have detrimental effects on the human body even when taken in small doses. The video …


  1. "Imagine touching two grains of salt, and the next moment youre dead. SWAG production brings to you, the truth about fentanyl"

    If you want to give THE truth on fentanyl, you may not want to start by infering that touching fentanyle will kill you. Unless it is from the patches or chemically altered as the patches are, you cannot absorb them through the skin. I think it is pretty safe to say that street fentanyl will not be altered this way, becayse people are much more interested with getting high off of it different ways than putting it on their skin lol. Infact people who get the patches off the street dont even do it like that. They either chew it or get the jell out to smoke, shoot, etc.

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