1. My eyes are so puffy it looks like i went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, but i know it's not really Mike Tyson because i still have both ears fully intact. But this explanation is so awful, there must be something to help. I use the full mask, never take it off till morning.

  2. 2 months into CPAP (Pressure is 14). Having difficulty finding a comfortable full face mask without leaks. I am currently using the F20, however, seems like I have to tighten the straps so tight that I wake up each morning with a headache (rarely had headaches prior to CPAP. Also tried the dreamwear nasal and full face mask, however, the nasal opening is too large as well as soft, even more leaks. I am going to try the F20 with memory foam next. Wonder why no one has suggested custom made masks by taking an impression of the nasal and mouth area to conform to each individual (i.e. same idea as impression of mouth for dentures). Now that makes sense to me. Any ideas as to a mask that I should try? Thank you. So enjoy your videos. Very helpful.

  3. My problem with the only full face mask I have is the defuser port was blowing air into my eyes. I was able to modify it by duct taping a plastic shield formed from the shoulder of a narrow plastic soap bottle over the defuser ports. It works great, and I submitted the idea to the manufacture along with photographs of the modification, but the manufacture rather than thanking me for the idea acted very weird making a statement that they don't authorize "off label" use of the mask. Are CPAP masks licensed by the FDA? I can tell you with absolute certainty that my modified mask is far superior to the original design. It's amazing that such a simple idea was not thought of by the manufacture who does in fact mold very well fitting plastic parts.. I'm also working on another variation of the mask which relocates the defuser ports to the bottom of the mask rather than over the nose. I have to drill about 34 tiny holes which takes time and is tedious with a small pin vise hand drill. In my opinion the defuser ports are open on a CPAP mask to allow the person wearing the mask to continue to breath should the power go off on the CPAP machine. I can imagine a scenario where the machine shuts down while the patient is sleeping and the patient dies due to oxygen starvation. CPAP masks have to be designed to allow a patient to continue to breath in the event of a power failure. All CPAP masks leak but at a built in rate.

  4. Hi Jason l told you a couple of months ago l was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.
    Well l got my Cpap machine a month ago. I have a Resmed10 with the F20 mask l have been sleeping a lot better
    and my head is clear. I noticed when l only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep l ‘m still groggy and tired. But when I get 6 to 7
    hours of sleep l feel refreshed and wide awake. My mask feels alright at times it feels to tight around my cheeks lol! Which causes lines around my face when l wake up. So far l have very few leaks.
    Thank you for your tips on how to clean the mask and hose etc.. l really appreciate your advice
    and l love your humor, l will continue watch your videos. Thank you!

  5. It must be nice to have a doctor that gives you a decent cpap machine you can actually get data from to use in Sleepyhead, as opposed to putting up with what the NHS gave me, the Resmed S9 Escape. It collects next to no data, just logs raw number of hours of use (doesn't even identify how much of those hours are leak-free vs leaky let alone anything fancier).

  6. I have a nasal mask and an Amara View mask. I cant get on with either of them. I have a huge tongue (large venous malformation) that falls back when I sleep, also narrow pharynx caused by vm. My mouth opens when I sleep, but I still breathe through my nose. So I get mouth leak a lot. If I use the Amara View I can never get the seal to work and the nasal one just means I wake in agony with a swollen tongue, head ache and jaw ache. I am at my wits end with it all.

  7. This is crap for a puffy eye explanation – because you arent sleeping good? barely.. the pressure from the inside moves fluids around – try addressing that, since it has more bearing on cpap induced puffy eyes.. and change the description of this removing the puffy eye reference. If my comments anger you – get over it.. You're not helping people with cpap induced puffy eyes here.

  8. Sleepy head is great. Just used it. Ive been on APAP for about a month and my AHI is still 9.5 (same as it was during study/undx). Got a nasal mask 2 weeks ago and its helped, but I think i need more power. Its on flex right now. have to wait to see what "they" say. UGH>

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