1. I feel like Travis was telling the truth about his encounter. Normally when people fake an encounter then make up a story about seeing aliens, they say that they are like trying to eat them or something like that. But Travis didn't say anything about what the aliens did to him he simply said he attacked them. Also if you fake an encounter with aliens why would you say you saw humans on the ship.

  2. I started the mandela effect with my friends where now we remember a field trip that never happened with very specific and vivid memories of moments from it.

  3. I really feel like some of these abductions are by demons from the bible. They also line up with the stories of the illumi###. I hope they like the taste of bullets because if I get to my 40, they gona eat bullets.

  4. Aliens probably exist, just that we can’t reach them and they can’t reach us. The galaxy is vast so it’s nearly impossible that theres no other planets that can support life.

  5. Oh, I miss those aliens and their nonsensical shenanigans. Finding this I was like 'ooh! fresh alien crap!" Though I know these stories, they've appeared in many of the trash books on UFO's that flooded the New Age/end of the millennium market in the 80's and 90's.

  6. 7:30 One test was inconclusive, that administered to Allen Dallis, and he WAS subsequently retested, I think around the time that the film Fire In The Sky was in pre-production. He passed. Travis has taken more than half a dozen ratified polygraph tests outsude of that Fox TV show, and all of them passed him. He was reported to have failed one just after being returned, but by any metric the test was conducted improperly in several ways and no authority, with the exception of one extremely biased and untruthful UFO investigator (whom Walton goes into great depth about in his book) would claim it has any legitimacy.

  7. I know what I saw damn it!! no seriously I have seen some things in buckeye az. I have always had an open mind about the subject. but after living in buckeye off and on over a period of four or five years I can tell you there's ALOT of really bizarre things that do not have any logical explanation. but so…..

  8. I don't know ya'll. but if the " having a family resemblance " aliens and also for how real–life Men In Black have their height and muscular resemblance include the " identical twins " quote, then I could say that some aliens are the MIBs? Idk man, just thinking.

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