The biggest problem I see with drug addiction treatment & support group programs

In this video a former addict shares some of the biggest problems he sees with drug addiction treatment and support group programs. If you struggle with drug …


  1. I think alot of addicts have a grudge against god due to their traumatic past which makes AA a real turn off, its like rebelling against him sort of like god is a father figure in their mind.

  2. Many people that do not believe in a traditional religion acknowledge that humans do have a spiritual need to fill. I think sometimes people need help to find a way to nurture that need. Our world is very set on immediate physical gratification, I think.

  3. They don't just begin and end it with mentioning God either. There are passages of 'The Big Book' which to me, at least, come across as seriously moralistic and judgemental.

  4. Cq Kid, thank you. I am unashamedly Christian and through my church I facilitate a support group for mothers who have lost a child. Like you, I want to help any mother who comes through our doors without her feeling that I am trying to indoctrinate or convert her. That I am authentic in addressing her need, her grief…and not a hidden agenda. This was not only well said, but it has given me the necessary tools to address this issue and hopefully eliminate all suspicion.
    I came across your videos because a loved one is battling addiction and the whole family is in pain, and none of us know how to help. I think your message is good, powerful stuff, and I will certainly share it with our very ill loved one. If there is a first one that you would recommend, I await your reply. Thank you for making yourself vulnerable and sharing so honestly.
    From Stefan's mom, Miranda…xo.

  5. Reality time…… Most addicts don't want to quit… Most addicts seek treatment because of family, friends, partner etc…
    How can u supercede your will with a higher power…. If you're atheist.

  6. I have a 19 yr old son severely depress and substance abuse. this video helped me to understand the different recovery programs, he is in D'amore in Cali, he doesn't like it, perhaps its all about God and he is not into religion. thanks

  7. I just did an outpatient methadone detox from chronic pain-degenerate disc disease. I had a bad reaction to 2 of the meds prescribed. I almost drank facial toner. I fell 4 tines going up stairs and down. I tried making coffee with sugar and no water. I tried to eat my slipper. My husband was so pissed because he felt i should have been in a hospital being watched. It was Baclofen and Atarax that made me crazy. There’s more that happened but o can’t remember abd i asked my husband to not tell me anymore. Facial toner is alcohol and thankfully he caught me and made spit it out. I’m 15 days off methadone and my neck hurts like a bitch but it’s California workers comp and they suck. Hard.

  8. I agree with the religous part. I was in a mental hospital and everytime we had a visitor end the story of their mental illness or drug addiction, they would start a prayer. I'm an athiest and i feel like they shouldn't have religion is support groups since some people believe in religon and some dont like myself. I also think support groups are very biased.

  9. For me, rehab is where I went in for one drug addiction and came out with two.
    Only got clean after realizing that introducing myself as an addict only reinforces my addictions, and that I didn't need a higher power to restore me to sanity, bc I was never insane

  10. What should I do if my kid is 15 years of age and he doesn't understand what he's doing because he's doing some type of drugs which I don't even know very aggressive Orlando Florida I don't have money to put my kid anywhere has to be some kind of program I don't want to call police because they were not helping me to put more charges on him

  11. You're a champion. This video is perfectly titled and delivered for anyone looking for the answers you're offering right now. Coming to you via Your Mate Tom.

  12. I think everyone's path to sobriety is somewhat unique. But never turn down a life raft. You can always throw it back if you don't think it will help. It helps to keep an open mind when you're trying to save your life.

  13. Hey CG Kid, I'm an ex heroin addict with just about seven months clean, and i wanna voice my opinion on these programs.
    My problem doesn't lie with the chiller, more accepting meetings, it lies with the industry as a whole. From the minute I was first checked into detox, I was told that I HAD to follow the twelve steps or else I was going to die. That's my main issue with the program. If you look at a lot of the techniques cults use to indoctrinate people, you will see some striking similarities to AA / NA / other 12 step programs. AA actually brought me to a very low point in my life, and actually nearly lead me to a relapse. I feel like in many ways they disregard the very true fact that everybody's gotta different path in recovery, and tout it as the only working program in existence, even though the success rate is statistically just about the same as the success rate for people trying to clean up themselves. Also, they like to say that junkies and such have no self control, and therefore must rely on a higher power to control them. For athiests, and others incapable of believing in any higher power, this can lead to a "fuck it, I can't control it, may as well go get high" and I have seen friends die because of this line of thinking. Personally, the only way I have been able to stay sober is by embracing the control I have over my own life, not letting it go. Every day I choose not to shoot up, and I have yet to have any reason to choose otherwise. Thanks if you read this, if you wanna get in touch and talk a bit just private message me. Really love your videos man!

  14. I've always struggled with the higher power concept. I understand what a higher power is or what it's supposed to be for an individual but in practice is where I fumble. The beliefs of others always made it hard for me to pin point what my higher power was. It's not God or anything like that. I know that much at least. I wish they would do some rewriting of the texts and things though.

  15. Looking great these days man! Watching this one right after the one explaining how it felt using it, you looked healthy after 3 yrs but I can tell 5 is even better than that. Thank you for posting, you give me hope. Seems like the only time I want that freedom is when I’m in the middle of the loneliest high. I hope I can find that strength soon

  16. Makes me wonder…when Bill W. and Dr. Bob created the 12 steps and founded Alcoholics Anonymous, what was the meeting style back then when they were still alive? Originally, "higher power" was used so that the 12 step program could be helpful to anyone, since no specific deity is named and people can literally have anything as their higher power. I strongly suspect it was only hijacked by various religious groups after Bill W. and Dr. Bob passed away.

  17. I need immediate help. My friend is going thru some serious psychosis. He believes he's possessed by 77 demons, believes he's the chosen one, believes SATAN came in and had sex with him…please, if any of you can help me with this, please respond to this channel or [email protected]

  18. Suggestion: make a vid on how to maintain sobriety and avoid relapsing. Meth relapses are very common since people go back to not knowing how to deal with stressful situations, or they can't cut relationships with users.

    I'll be one year sober next month, after 2 years of daily use then quitting cold turkey. The quick change really fucked me up mentally.. but it's the only way I could do it, by moving to a different place where it was impossible to find my drug of choice. This approach could work for people who've lost control over their addiction and can afford to physically relocate and start a new life. However i must say it's not the most stable way to adjust and the addiction could transfer to something else.

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