Snoop Dogg Featuring Jamie Foxx – "Hennessy & Weed" [Sway In The Morning Freestyle]

Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx create a song live on Sway In The Morning. Subscribe to Sway’s Universe for More Watch the Best of …


  1. Not dissing snoop new music or anything but this is the best stuff I've heard from him since the 90s. They should literally tighten this up and do a couple more songs like this and drop an album it would be classic. I love it

  2. Name one freestyle or verse where snoop does not say s n double o p, snoopy d o double g, lbc, 123, Hennessy, etc.. Just one…been using the same rhymes for 20 years. Why are we acting like this dudes nice. He had one legendary cd, followed by straight trash cd's.

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