1. @medgrower1 here in paradise California aka nor cal. It's bad we finally have had rain for the last 2 days i moved here from grand rapids 6 months ago. Just want to tell you keep up the videos we love them and even tho we may have lost some ability to grow it's nice to follow your grow.

  2. Lol… that's funny that you say your wife hit you with the "you STINK" comment. Mine does the same thing. It's like after all this time you still have to say that every time I come in from the garden. Lol. I always say thanks babe😀….BTW your ladies look gorgeous!

  3. Wow. Amazing looking buds. Looks like the epitome of kush. Thick chunky, dense buds with those bundled up orange hairs pressed in between the knotted calyxes. Reminds me of Cali kush from 15 years ago. Bet it smells pungent and thick

  4. Never mind I saw a poster I was watching a video with you talking to a bunch other weed tubers and saw a poster on your wall you're a Michigan fan I'm wondering why you named the weed Spartan skunk if you're a Michigan fan LOL but I just wanted to thank you for what you've done and what all the other growers you guys of all did a tremendous job up in Michigan I have class at two Brothers in Michigan and I've been there last time I was there was about 15 years ago and boy has it changed anyways I'm going to subscriber and can't wait to see what the Spartan skunk looks like when she's trimmed

  5. I'm here in Northern California brother I have brothers in Michigan crazy story dad is a jack ass long story don't ask anyways I got two brothers in Michigan and when I saw the Spartan weed I'm Greek so I said hello. That's weird for me I didn't know you were in Michigan and I'm finally glad to see that out of Michigan you guys got everything taken care of where the medicinal side of it is somewhat OK where patients are getting their meds as they need it from great growers like you keep it up man and thanks for the shout out for the moment of silence that was awesome and I want some of that Spartan Kush now I get why Spartan could she must be at MSU fan lol stay up my friend

  6. Looking excellent as always Medgrower1!!
    Quick question. I watched the first 3 clone king videos as I was just about to buy one, but it looks like you were having some issues? …. Maybe I should go with an Oxyclone instead?

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