1. #1 Thank you for explaining this, because theres always been a negative stigma with schizophrenia. For years, the public used the term "schizophrenic" as a catch all for "crazy" and that's just not okay.

    #2 Doctors dont know shit, I was told I had bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies because yes I am bipolar, but the schizophrenic part comes from me having the belief that my supervisor was out to get me. Not in a harmful way but definitely was tryna get me fired. I spent years on the wildest medicines. Turned out, my supervisor was trying to get me fired lol. She wanted to make others look bad so she would look better… it's been 9 years since I left that job and I haven't been on meds since. Obviously the bipolar can be problematic but I manage without "big pharma".

  2. I'll just say this right now, I am definitely different compared to "normal" people. I can relate to schizotypal A LOT. I'm not diagnosing myself at all nor have I been diagnosed by any doctor with it. But the way I think (for example, when I see two threes I add them together to get 6 and then get paranoid because that's the "devil's" number.) There are a lot more examples but I really can't think of anything…. My mind just went blank… Oops

  3. you’re literally the reason I want to go to college to become a psychiatrist. Ever since your mental health series started I became so interested in the topic and love doing my own research!!! Please keep them coming!!❤️

  4. I have schizotypal personality disorder and my ideas of references can range from comedic to down right obnoxious to people. Because unicorns are everywhere now a days, I think it's the Illuminati and fairies wanting me to commit beastiality with a real unicorn to create a new breed of centaur and to merge with the Anti-Christ. I know people will say it's just my crazy way of thinking but it definitely feels real to me.

  5. These are the best video you make!!! You were the first person to teach me all this and now I’m working and want to work with people with these and other disabilities

  6. More then a topic I would like to know how professionals choose to diagnose someone. I have seen VERY similar personality types hence issues, and one was diagnosed and medicated with something while the other was given the 'you could achieve or function, but you just choose to not wanna..' speech..you know what I mean?

  7. So awesome to see a popular YouTubed talking about mental health/ psych stuff! I think it’s so cool you are using your platform to raise awareness. Luv ur channel !!!

  8. You probably don't know a lot about it, but I think it would be cool if you made a video on Alexithymia as a way to spread awareness about it cause it is one of those hidden disorders no one talks about 🙂

  9. Couple you possibly explain the differences between Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar? I have borderline and whenever I tell people that they never can distinguish the difference between borderline and bipolar. You may have already talked about this and if I missed it then my bad! But you explain things in such a fluid and understandable way that I would literally just pull your vid and make people watch it when they ask hahaha. Love you Anna!

  10. listening to someone talk about something they are passionate and educated about is so interesting to me, and you are clearly passionate and educated. please make more content like this.

  11. My mom is schizoaffective. She was diagnosed before I was born and has been on medication for a long time now and lives a pretty normal life. Thanks for bringing light to mental health Anna!

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