Quitting Psych Meds? (Vlogtober #18)

A candid, no-makeup chat about my recent experience trying to get off of medication. I will make more videos talking about this later, so be sure to subscribe if …


  1. I learned not to throw all my psych meds down the toilet. Even if I don't take them , I keep them just in case I feel I do. It turns out I need them much less than originally prescribed and only take a dose if I feel I do. Once in a while I do and this has worked perfectly well for me for many years.

  2. Get Medicaid. Seriously. You are eligible. If you make minimum wage. Also, If you make minimum wage you can get all your taxes back when you file your taxes. Also, you should be able to get meds from a regular doctor if you have a history

  3. I've 'hated' some psychiatrists I've seen over the course of my life.

    Some of them are 'Thinkers' only going by the book and they have no emotional understanding/appreciation to actually resonate, even as a human being.

    But, it's really another 'corporation' thing where some of them are just doing their job. They're not bad people of course – it's just frustrating when you encounter those who think they're just doing the right thing all the time and don't help you change medications or find alternatives when you complain about certain things because they only 'go by the fucking book' and think their education is superior to anything you say.

    Fuck 'em!

    But love them still cos they're human too. But Fuck' em!!

  4. wtf! you think medication helps? as if it's the answer?. Mental illness is a life challenge planned before birth by your guardian angel and God together, so once you overcome them you will evolve… you will become more beautiful more intelligent more powerful, you improve physically improve your psychic abilities and in spirituality. Basically you evolve. We are all the same. Medication is the human, the science response to it which only focuses on the stupid! irrelevant symptons. In life… with mental illnesses the actual cure is on things we need to improve to become better persons, including being more understanding, less hateful, less fearful, removing thinking errors, this is a good one, specialy for anorexic people. Have you ever notice a run of bad luck? as if it was planned? It is. God is testing you, which seems like she's a bitch but there is always an answer and a solution to all our problems. God gives it to us at the perfect time. Think but with an open heart and let inspiration come. Sometimes it just comes and is pretty cool. This is what mental illness is all about. Then things will turn pink and you will fly!

  5. Please don't go off your meds. You will suffer the consequence of your decision for months and end up in the hospital taking more meds in the end. I was also skeptical about meds and how much they help because of how subtle there benefits are so I went off mine. Six months later I wake up in the hospital with tubes coming out of my chest and the 24/7 security guard telling me how close to death I was when they brought me in. I had lost my job, house and will to live. I ended up in hospital two more times before realizing that the best thing to do was Listen to your Doctor. It might not seem like it but they really do have your best interests and have perspective to see things you don't see or refuse to believe. I'm a different gender and a lot older then you but I do very much relate to your talks on YT and see a lot of myself in them. Thank You for these vids, I appreciate you very much.

  6. My heart hurts for you and the like… Once they put you on them it's a wrap, you'll be on them for life. It's a business, and all those involved will say and do what is necessary to keep you on them and the money coming in. Junk science.

  7. I recently stopped taking my meds and it was a huge mistake. Honestly because I don't realize sometimes when I'm going down the rabbit hole and feel everything is great when it really isn't. I started taking lithium, buspirone and I didn't lithium was a absolute head ache to deal with. I mean I always have to have my blood levels checked, how to drink water all the time to stay hydrated and absolutely no alcohol. I'm so tired of getting needles stuck in me. Anyway so I just stopped cold turkey a couple months ago and ended up in a hospital. It's all good to stop meds but definitely do it the right way. And some meds you can't come off easy. Just do it the right way because I honestly thought things were going very well and couldn't see what was really happening, and luckily I have people that care about me and helped me when I wasn't able to help myself.

  8. It can take some of us years to come off meds. It’s not an overnight process. This website explains how to advocate for yourself, how to talk to your doctor and different ways to taper. NEVER cold turkey meds!! The withdrawal symptoms from meds can mimic mental illness and make you think you need your meds but actually they can be side effects from weaning off. Please read more here: https://withdrawal.theinnercompass.org/

  9. It's ironically crazy to think you can get off meds if you're genuinely bipolar. They correct what's wrong with the particular balance of your individual brain chemistry–at least, correct it as well as modern pharmaceuticals can according to the current state of the science. Your natural balance is disease. I will not get off of lamotrigine until there's a better drug formulated. You're calling it by the brand name lamictal, but I'm assuming you're actually taking the much cheaper generic. If you don't deviate from your current prescription, you could get your prescription instead from your GM doctor or a licensed nurse practitioner. You could also be getting cheaper talk therapy from a nurse practitioner trained in psychotherapy.

  10. I was on 900ml of seroquel! Walking zombie! Now iam on 150ml and slowly getting there…..they say i have schizophrenia! im just a very high vibration human so they need me on this to keep my third eye closed…..mind is powerful use it carefully

  11. I was "diagnosed" with psychiatric disorders and was medicated and over time the side effects outweighed the positive effects.. Also over time I realized that there was always roots to the problems and psychiatry had simply put me into boxes and labeled me with conditions while slapping bandaids over the problems.. When you are having different symptoms it is your mind naturally trying to resolve trauma and when you medicate yourself you are not solving anything and often times the problem worsens overtime..

    What was causing your symptoms to come back was one you haven't dealt with the underlying trauma and two drug withdrawal.. I had to suffer two years from drug withdrawal just to get to where I could deal with the real issues and I have now healed the right way without stupid doctors..

    Society will put you into boxes and label you when you are not a productive member and psychiatry is nothing but legal drug dealers and they almost killed me.. I hate to seeing it happen to others now that I see through the game..

  12. This video has a really great message, in my opinion. You seem to have been really careful and responsible about experimenting with tapering off the Lexapro. So now the knowledge that Lexapro is effective for you has been reinforced with fresh, recent evidence. (I also have bipolar and am on meds.) My best wishes to you.

  13. I'm a new subscribee ta your channel. I stumbled literally upon the vid yu posted during one of your "episodes" & literally sobbed for 2 hours after….. I've not had something like that hit me feels like that in very long time! (* ≧ ω ≦ )ノ Your post helped me, set me on my new road of travel if you will lol. I had no idea what the fuck was wrong with me for years now! I thought I was just a really fucked damaged person. Thank you soo much xxoxxx! – on another note. (Long story short,) I'm well versed in medical knowledge, in regard to mental health & medicines from med industry, most of my knowledge centers around pharmaceutical industry & "Off script use" of anti-psychotic & depression meds, which Dr's and pharmaCare are making millions of dollers destroying ppls lives by over proscribing medicines to our youth, that are NOT needed & should never be taken by ANYONE @ ANY TIME. These medications build in the blood proteins & severely alter and permanently destroy vital brain chemistry. Sending a massive cascade of chemicals, your body now no longer has the ability to moderate, making young ppl psychotic & a plethora of mental illness and disease we have never before seen in our history. Post Scriptum; Not to say ALL mental health issues, and or medicines are useless,and case the mental breakdown. Some ppl legitimately need some of these meds. But we need to educate ourselves especially now.
    – wishing you ALL the luck in tha' world (o ^ ω ^) I really do. Thank you ever so much for your help, your unrelenting honestly. You've been quite literally the catalyst for a real understanding & start to a more powerful and productive life. Thank you soo much from the bottom of my heart. – Milli Ashford

  14. Hi Sammi
    My name is Mike and ive been watching your videos. I wanted to respond to your video about getting off your medications. I think alot of that stuff has alot of bad ingredients in them, when you get a chance look up lexapro ingredients online and see if you agree.
    Take Care and God Bless

  15. I tried going off Wellbutrin twice in an effort to take fewer pills. Unfortunately it did not work. Now, why do i have to take this pill? It isnt for a positive outcome, it is to avoid negative consequences. Is it possible not to take it. Of course, i wont die. But ill be less comfortable in my own skin. Honestly if i could really get the cannabis medicinally useful to me without parting with megabucks, i could quit the two meds i take and smoke weed…. but Nooooo. Alas in America the land of red tape, some folks are going to get all shook up over the weed that grows out of God's green earth

  16. Stay on your meds!!! Talk to your doctor before you try stuff like this. Just take the pill and don't worry about them. It's just chemicals in your brain. The medicine is just helping to provide stuff your brain can't create well. Do not listen to the crazy YouTube people that are trying to sell home remedies.

  17. It might just be human nature to self-medicate bipolar. I was never diagnosed, so I never got meds. Weed actually works for me as medicine. But then I smoke cigarettes. I'm kinda getting psyched that I'm finding the motivation to quit. I smoked my last cigarette.

  18. If you plan to get off of them or gradually do so in lower dosages, do not do it without the doctor's consent. While they will convince you to stay on them, you can give reasons as to why you want to get off of them and how they are affecting other aspects of your living. I went off medication cold turkey last summer because of the physical problems that came along with the medications. Didn't have a psychiatrist or doctor to speak to about this (which is a long story) and thought that I was actually doing good for a while. I crashed, back to base one and trying new set of medicines with a new doctor for a new diagnosis and see where it goes from there. It sucks terribly because I notice the changes that happened all the while others have seen it too and think it's because I'm a flat-out retard.

  19. Just read the book of the german outhor "Alice Miller" The Book called "Das Drama des begabten Kindes".
    I think you are suffering because your parents do not give you the love you deserve. Difficult topic.
    Sometimes it is also because of incompatibility of caseine or gluten.

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