Norman Lamb MP Proposes Legalisation of Cannabis Bill in House of Commons – Dec 2018 Defeated

Here is the full video of the cannabis legalisation bill that Norman Lamb read out in a Ten Minute Reading Bill on December 11 2018 after Medical Cannabis is …


  1. The reason we may never legalise is because we as a nation are the largest exporter of medicinal cannabis, we the people would essentially be stepping on the toes of the gov run farms

  2. I went through a fucking nightmare to get a zed of weed cos I can't afford and don't fucking wanna spend 10 a fucking gram walking down to buy every week. I spent most of that day trying to get weed, lost 2 full pounds in bodyweight from walking back and forth back and forth because some absolute nobody full of themselves white cunt family with some dirty filthy half cast n****r bitch door representative doesn't want to sell to you. I hope the uk government gets cancer and fuckin die one by one. We want it fuckin legalilized and completely tax free in the uk fucking right now you dirty oppressive pagan cunt vermin😫 Sick to fucking death of their bullshit here in the uk. They pass cursed homo laws sure sure but medicinal weed no. Fucking vermin red faced swine in suits nothing more😫 absolute bastard cunt cancer you are you and your cunt white royalty. We want weed now. Dispenseries in the uk would boost jobs employment rates and boost economy what the fuck would your cunt government do? Tax this weed like tobacco further inflicting the people who use weed medicinally if you manage to get a medicinal certificate. We want it tax free prescription free now WHO THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU? WHO THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU????

  3. Legal in most states in 🇺🇸 . Legal in Spain 🇪🇸 toralated in Holland.fuck all in the UK 🇬🇧 this is outreges the amount of people this plant could save people and people in alot of ways. The people need to to stand up for what they believe in.

  4. Great speach. My favourite part was when he mentioned alcohol, boy did that get those useless idiots around him upset. Bunch of stubborn pricks purposely showing no interest and talking amongst one an other because they are uneducated and brain washed that cannabis is this some what terrible substance that should never be consumed. Soon your generation will die out and the benefits of cannabis will be available to the world. Finally.

  5. I agree with Mr Lamb on many of his points, not all, but when the fk will the people of this country wake the fk up. The second bloke is a cunt. The mental health and lives wrecked are due to its illegal nature and lack of education. Its as simple as that. W&&ker.
    Send the wrong message?? A dangerous drug? Its a medicine. Fact. Surrendering to the drug war? Omg that dude is lost in his own ball bags….. educate yourself and understand what THC is and what it can do. Oh my days the ‘gateway’ theory rears its debunked head once again 😂😂. Dangerous drug ! Wake up , using experts that are government approved and if they aren’t they are discarded.
    As said previously this country is one of the best in the world at misinformation and propaganda.
    Oh one last thing dick, its ok for GW to make money from an extraction ? But no one else can from the whole plant that is the real medicine? Of course money will be made.
    What a joke this historic conservative establishment is.

  6. Why are people waiting for a government to tell them what to do when they always know the facts?

    What I find odd is that other countries (another bit of land over the water) can say its legal but our bit of land that someone called England it’s illegal?

    It’s not like it’s made in a lab it’s a plant 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Who’s that dork saying that cannabis is not safe and dangerous??? Hahahahaha never saw NO ONE DYING FROM CANNABIS oOD you dork, whereas there are loadstone people dying for alcohol and other drugs consumption!!! You are an Idiot… to the first guy presenting the BILL my sincerest applauses; let’s keep fighting

  8. steve double a lot of contradiction fella.. ow dear ow dear. research says its dangerous, we need research you then say.. ow dear not good… but your best buds seem to have investment in it.. riggggghhhhttttt….for medical use as well right? what an amazing bunch of hypocritical idiots running the damned country.. funny when they say they have evidence but dont allow people to do research on it.

  9. Steve Double the second man
    "Part of my view is largely informed by experience I have had personally…
    I've seen very close up and first hand the lives that it wrecks"

    No evidence given…

    "I would agree with the argument that more needs to be done to ensure that cannabis for medical use gets to the people who really need it"
    "My concern is that by liberalising cannabis use, we will be sending precisely the wrong message to our young people"

    Under the current laws it is making the streets unsafe and money goes directly into crime. Making the youth open to other drugs through dealers.
    Steve Double using the term 'liberalising" a lot to disregard the actual facts that Norman Lamb has layed out. Which play into his own prejudice he already has about cannabis. "Gateway drug" this has been refuted and debunked too many times. Cannabis is not a gateway drug.

    "Cannabis is a dangerous drug and their is no safe use in an uncontrolled way, in an unregulated way, for cannabis to be consumed"

    Pure conjecture and scare mongering. People are using it all over the world safely. I won't go down the alcohol and Tobacco route as you already know the story there.

    "We don't win the war by raising the white flag"

    What a slogan for everyone listening on how to win the 'war on drugs.'
    Steve Double, we have LOST the war on drugs because you continue support your own feelings on you 'personally' feel without evidence to back up your fears. And I'm sure the police really agree with you there on how much time and resources are wasted on cannabis laws being enforced. Not.

    You want to know how to make cannabis safe? Decriminalise it and educate people about it.

  10. Grow your own weed?(That means no one would buy the government's)… (yes farmers grow them. But you could make a license to SELL, not make, like making your own beer, but It can be given away, not sold.)
    Not everyone grows their own fruit and veg, so I guess they would have some customers for their own government grown.
    There's alot of effort to grow weed. It's not plant seed, wait weeks. It's find the right humidity, temperature, lighting, checking the sex of flower (yes that's a thing). Making hash.

    As for damage, those who have bad trips, you can't smoke ALL the weed you want (well you can but), it's about finding the sweet amount. And if you do have too much THC, then, use more CBD (like cbd oil). It's like an antidote. If you want to make driving under influence or whilst working machinery illegal, go right ahead. (Problem detected – the drug stays in your system?)
    It detects if there is any drug in you. Or does it measure the amount? Maybe if there is a certain amount considered safe for working. We could copy the sobreity test from USA. But it's just a thought.

    Let's see – kids getting a hold of the stuff?
    Face it, teens will get a hold of the weed, it's practically like underage drinking, but A) They might hate the taste, like alcohol can do. B) it is far less harmful for them. C) 18+ will help.

    "You can't win a war by waving the white flag."
    Yes… You can. Because, in warfare, THERE ARE NO VICTORIES!. weed may never of killed anyone but drug cartel, prisoners and laced weed (not clean weed). What else? Psychosis?

    Apart from 1 study that wasn't 100% accurate, I don't think that happens. The weed we have is far stronger than back in the 70s and 80s. Control potency? Well you can sorta. Alcohol is controlled too but alcohol can overdose. Weed can't but surely there's a way right? Guidelines?

    Sending the wrong message, weed is good? It is good. If you're making it legal, then it's good. Wtf? If you meant it's good for kids, well, then
    Educate the students. Oh right, budget cuts. If you actually made weed, you can fund schools to educate them about it.

    Oh btw, weed can't fix everything. There will come a time when an opiate or non weed can be used. Every illegal drug has an excellent help but that's another rant entirely.

    (I'm just a generic uk citizen who doesn't know much about weed. But probably knows more than a politician.)

    I made this comment so that those who looking to read comments want a long rant.
    Feel free to correct my mistakes but remember. I'm pro weed.

  11. 20 Minutes? Im from Germany.. We need at least 20 Months here until our Goverment says: "NEIN! VERBOTEN!!"… which should be around next Year. "Nose to the left and Eyes to the right" was the best misheard english ever… i thought for a few moments "Thats a strange thing to say.." 😀

  12. Never going to happen here sadly not in my lifetime anyway, but people are still gonna smoke and grow there own so it's a stupid law anyway. Just let the people have what they want

  13. They don't want us to grow it, they want us to smoke their snide pest-ridden weed, if the UK grows their own medicine, there would be no need for GWP and they won't be able to shift their crap weed

  14. I find it bizarre that in 2018 this is how policies and law are made in our country. It's antiquated and slow just like the majority of the people in that building. These are people voting on matters that affect millions of people's lives and all they care about Is their bank balance. It's dangerous and inhuman. These old dinosaurs have stopped people getting much needed medicine for decades. #timeforchange

  15. yes Norman lamb! only thing i didn't agree with was controling potency only thing needs be controlled is quality! as for Steve double, what a wingnut he needs to sit down n keep his uneducated opinion on cannabis to himself as if he was educated on it he wud know how safe it was especially compared to dangerous pharmaceuticals that make u worse n don't work no where near as good as cannabis! 🤷🏽‍♂️💯💚🙏🤜🤛

  16. This ignoramus talking about negative effects of cannabis, doesn't compare to the much more devastating effects of alcohol usage. Gateway drug? FFS. As the evidence shows, too many sugary drinks results in Obese, diabetic ill health yet this drug is allowed without appropriate control. Risk the lives? What about the patients being plied with horrific drugs like fentanyl, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths? It's inhumane to ignore the medical and anecdotal evidence that patients do benefit, no one in history has ever overdosed and most consumers of cannabis prefer non violent pursuits. I wonder how much money is being "contributed" to the coffers of the politician who spoke out against Cannabis legalisation by interested drug companies and other big interests seeking to ensure their stake in the cannabis game by limiting the average Brits opportunity to benefit from the trade?

  17. Same shit excuse "We must tell our children the harm and dangers of cannabis".
    What a load of stale crap get with the times and get the U.K back on top with world powers who are making a bomb in tax alone but no instead we pay more tax for shit services that have no money to do proper jobs and reduce tax burdens on the public.
    Again fed up them saying cannabis leads to hard drugs yet our doctors prescribe opiates and more addicts on synthetic crap made by large companies who call shots.
    I been smoking 30+ years and never touched heroin or been tempted yet cannabis helps me with my medical issues (I have depression anxiety)but heroin addicts get prescribed methadone places to dump their dirty needles robbing to feed habit with excuses all families destroyed.
    Human rights I and many others have been scrapped to none existent while world carry on.
    rant over and just my opinion thats all

  18. Number 1 it does not kill. 2 it does not lead to stronger drugs.3 no proof of leading to mental health ONLY 1 STUDY 4 the war on drugs will never be won (witch is a racist law) 5 you sent a message to young people that alcohol and cigarettes are safe and ok to use YOU A HOLES

  19. Never in my life have I considered voting liberal democrat. But in recent years they have been very vocal about cannabis. Imagine if every person that used cannabis decided to get out and vote for them in the next election. An election which may be sooner than we think…?

  20. A disgusting tory mp's blocked this, vote them out at the earliest opportunity, cannabis at the moment is only for the well off that can afford private health insurance and the ridiculous prescription charges.

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