Medical Cannabis Card in NY & getting a Prescription

LINK to NY State public session for Legal Recreational Cannabis that Wellness Hero spoke at: I have a lot to share about NY …


  1. Hi there I was about to apply for my medical card in ny but I’m kind of hesitant to put that info out there but I don’t want to wait so long for them to legalize recreational. I’m not sure what to do

  2. Hello! I grew up in Rochester, NY but have been living in and around the Seattle, WA area since 1989. Just found your channel. Have many fond memories of smoking illegal weed back in the day. In fact, I never did establish a solid black market connection in WA like I had in Rochester…go figure. Was fortunate to pair up with a partner that did – experienced a few dry spells prior to legal recreational but otherwise consistent. After watching how NYS is rolling out thier program, I am stunned that any state can beat WA in the "Nanny State Olympics" – Canada gives NYS a run for its money there. After getting over the sticker shock of how little your dollar buys in NYS compared to WA….I am compelled to say: ever consider saving that money and moving to CO, WA or OR? I truly do not mean to be snarky…but from our viewpoint it seems like so much money for so little. At the risk of really upsetting you – I've thrown away weed I've gotten like a bad TV dinner because it was a particularly harsh smoke. Best of luck to you and I truly hope you are getting what you need from what little NYS is offering.

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