Lying cop doesn't know Uber driver was actually a lawyer | New York Post

When defense attorney Jesse Bright was pulled over in North Carolina while moonlighting as an #Uber driver, he began filming the encounter. Allegedly, he had …


  1. If he hadn't been a lawyer, he would have been beaten up for "resisting arrest" or "trying to grab my gun". The same would have happened if he had not let them search his car. Sadly, this is nothing but domestic terrorism and it is reaching rampant proportions.

  2. You are deadly deadly wrong! It is very very illegal to film police officers!
    The new law around the world is PHONES ARE NOW GUNS! And police officers can shoot you dead if you pull out your phone or have a phone in your hand.
    Even a child with a fake phone a police officer can shoot that child! It is the new law!!!!

  3. Cops are supposed to protect and serve not abuse their power to hit their quotas. The way the cop treated him was pure trash. Not every cop is like this but the ones that are on the Force should step the hell down.

  4. Easy to see that the "jerk" in this scene was not in the car. Much like calling the dogs. Odd that he reached to take the phone from him for a split second there. Meanwhile, no accountability for the cops actions.
    I bet that was not the first time he used that line on a citizen! I bet it worked before.

  5. As a Republican voter I used to think black people were making it up till I saw this video.

    I realised I don't really care when police do it to blacks, but it really hurt me how they bothered this innocent, young lawyer and violated his rights.

  6. To be honest the guy was being very annoying and even tho the police doesnt have that right he shouldn’t have been such a know it all and just turned the camera off

  7. Police always think they are above the law, keep your doors locked, and only open your window anough to fit a flat hand through. Unless they are arresting you. You are free to go.

  8. Can you blame them? When you've seen how little training is required and how little money cops make, is it any wonder they turn into these hoodlums with badges?

  9. American Police are the dumbest and most power-hungry morons around. You'd expect this in a less "democratic" nation but… well then again, their policies and political boot-licking is heinous as it is so maybe not surprising at all

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