HUGE EXPERIENCE BUG Allows Super Fast Leveling – WoW Free to Play Weekend

A few bugs reared their ugly head this week, including something which allowed players to level from 110 to 120 in less than an hour. Timewalking is also …


  1. I don’t see the problem, new race comes out and they make it cheaper, this is what we want right? Stop whining wow is still amazing it is still the best, they have way less players because there are sooo many games right now and wow is and will always stay the same so either you love it or not you know.. after all these years they have more than a million subs.. no other game can say that.

  2. Im happy from this FREE WEEKEND because now i remember Why I Hate This Expansion So Much !!! Blizzard didnt change anything from time i resigned from subs. game is still BORING and Shallow.

  3. They probably are just coming out even. I know quite a few people that are consolidating their accounts. Friends that had 2-3 accounts are cutting back to one. I'm sure Blizz expected this to happen. The last time a new races came out I paid full price for a race change. This time it's a little less. I have been waiting on a sale to race change and server transfer. I had one last slot waiting.

  4. How come they always give out free weekends for returning players or new accs, but dont recognize current subscriptions? I've been active for 14 years, give me a couple days free too 🙁

  5. I finished the timewalking week with 24 toons at 120. About 6 of the toons were 118-119 and those took maybe 2-3 runs to hit max level. I got the 5 dungeon quest done on all but one toon before the week ended. The 385 reward, the boss drops, and the 350 vendor gear were a big help. I got in around 140 runs and RNG gave me two 400 level pieces and a blue drake mount. My toons got DC or kicked only about 2-3 times. Wait times were longer on Alliance than on Horde and grew longer toward the end of the week.

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