1. YouTube is arguably the greatest website in the world however they broke the notifications feature years and years and years ago and they have never fixed it. I've adjusted, readjusted, checked and rechecked my notifications settings countless times but haven't received accurate notifications for almost 6 years now. It's a conspiracy, people were spending too much time commenting with eachother etc and not enough time viewing ads.

  2. Why are people subscribed to channels yet need a bell to tell them a new video is out? Just look in your subscriptions…. If you dont want to watch the vids.. unsubscribe. Youtube staff are fucken cooked mate.

  3. Would be nice if youtube fixed their notifications for live streams. I always stream and fans tell me time to time again that they dont get told I went live until after the stream was done even if they had the bell on.

  4. I have a notification that says someone liked my comment on a particular video. I read it. Now I'd like to delete it. Every time I go to notifications to read a new one, all the old ones are still there. I clicked settings and it takes me to a page that asks if I want notifications or not or on my desktop etc and it seems to be more for the people who own the video I watched. Does anyone know how I delete a notification after I've read it? I hope you can help. Thank you.

  5. Lol. I thought we were going to start playing BopIT…
    Tap it- when seeing Subscribe
    Ding it- a ring bell
    Speed typo it- a comment
    Flip it- a thumb up or down..
    Repeat it- When clicking next video
    Undo It- When disliked content
    Etc etc…

    What's next? Wheel of Fortune YouTube settings edition? 🤪🤣

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