1. 1. Kill plants
    2. Repel and kill bugs and plants
    3. Make your flower DIE
    4. Repel ants and kill that plant
    5. Use to kill the plant
    6. Keep pets out of garden because there will be no garden anymore
    7. Fight fungus and they both die
    8. Something off topic

  2. You son of a bitch i did that..my roses had little green bugs all around the leaves and the flower and i didnt know what to do so I tried this with vinegar and all my roses died..i hate youuuuuuuu!!!!! people dont put vinegar od roses..

  3. If you use the vinegar from your fish and chips meal you will get a potato plant that smells of fish thus obviating the need to buy any more fish. You can also use the fish and chips paper as a mulch. Best to get newspaper so that you can read it as you watch your plants die.

    Only an imbecile would make a video like this. If you really want to know how to care for plants visit the RHS Website – it is the gardeners’ bible.

  4. So use vinegar to kill weeds but use it to water your good plants? So it works differently on the weeds than on the plants you want to keep? I guess vinegar knows which plants you like though, so it treats them differently. Mmhhmm…..whoever made this video didn't put an ounce of thought or experience into it. Probably just read all this crap on some equally misinformed website and threw it in to crank out another video to get views. That seems to be the downside of the internet – people motivated by nothing but "hey I can make a buck by posting worthless drivel to fill up space and video footage".

  5. Vinegar on your plants, ARE YOU NUTS! DO NOT DO THIS! You will kill everything you spray the vinegar on. If you spray it, it will however keeps animals away from your dead, barron, wasteland!

  6. Beware internet information. Source it out. Try Scopes.com for example. Vinegar? It is a acid. Ever get it on your hand and in a moment or so it starts burning. Use vinegar carefully in a stream style from a household sprayer to spot KILL weeds. they will come back, but most will get overtaken by grass or groundcovers. I get a piece of flexible plastic, and form a cone. I can open or close its shape, and boy howdy, it delivers spot on spray.

    Also OMG Epsom Salts. Do not use. You are giving the plants salt, plus magnesium, of which there is plenty of in your soil. Save your $5 and call a garden center how to take a soil sample and who. Most extensions maintain labs for soil tests. This way you can see EXACTLY what you may or not need to add. Don’t waste your money on all those expensive products. One quick soil in a envelope any time of the year and you will be the Master Blaster of fine gardening. Even if you have lawn care people or landscapers, you TEST, don’t take their word. Everyone in plant chemical etc field wants you to buy their product. Jeeze O’pete, 6 bags of weed feed seed will cost you about 250$, look at store brand spray ons or bottom of shelves at big box stores. Same product, same chemical class and probably more active ingredients for $12 a bag, or one small bottle for $7 concentrate for a great big one acre garden.

    Lots of info I gave, but its just to help out my fellow gardeners. Bye!

  7. I appreciate this video because of its simplicity. I have White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar in my home always but never knew how I could use it to improve my garden. I look forward to seeing more videos and helping my roses look the best they can be. Thank you

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