How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety FOREVER | Srikumar Rao

Stress is illusion of control. We think we are all good once we think we have control. When we don’t have control; we think we are losing. However, we NEVER …


  1. I like the information and it’s delivery except one part. I challenge him to research the Native American tale about the dog and wolf. It’s actually about two wolves. It’s an old Cherokee story.

  2. No ambition
    No goal
    Just wishful thoughts and a strong urge to do atleast a few feasible things towards realising the wishful thought

    Water were freely available everywhere and all drank it straight from there…no filtering no botheration of the color or quality.. just were drinkable water and that it were all freely available free.
    Now a wish that atleast those good days to come back, instead of ration water in small bottles, tasting blunt, that need to be paid and still get throat aches and fever and flu

    Working towards this wishful thought:
    First to ensure open soil surfaces around us
    Next to drain all used water into the soil, so that sooner or later, the soil become fertile and holds water inspite of evaporation due to sun
    Next to keep soil fertile and devoid of chemicals that kill the nano organisms, we all STOP mixing the draining water with soap, shampoo, cleaning liquids, that has ingredients that kill nano organisms

    Water by nature has the capacity to purify. All religions just sprinkle water to purify. Will it not purify one who showers with water. No need of soap and other such chemicals

    Soon all over the Earth we will get back streams and ponds and lakes that are devoid of chemicals that kill.

    That will bring back more plants , trees which will then get us all good fresh breeze and air with more oxygen and so that inhaling of air with fresh oxygen will keep us all more healthy and that means lesser bad bacteria

    When we have plants and trees and shrubs and vegetables and fruits water and fresh air all around us in every suburb, county, ..we need lesser money and lesser hours of work and so less stress and so less sickness and so more leisure hours and so less need of holidays and so less travel and so lesser need of fuel and so lesser demand of fuel and so costs of fuel become less and so on… Getting us back a better balance in eco system that helps nano organisms, microbes, insects, reptiles, animals, birds,…all living together in greater peace and harmony

    Earth become a better place to live for one and all
    and that means soap and such chemicals are never again needed

  3. How does this seat with many other mindvalley talks and ideas that say we are co-creators of our worlds. What about law of attraction and the idea that we have a hand in how we progress through life and what we draw to ourselves?

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  6. My summary… (sorry, I had problems compiling it down, information gathering ENFP issues) – If anyone feels like compiling it, please do.

    8 Major factors why people believe they are going through stress:
    Financial, Relationship, Children, Business and career, Health, Big external stuff (politics, climate, crime etc), 'too much to do' (and not enough time) and lastly 'I am not where I want to be'.
    The only single reason you feel stress is because:
    *"you have a very rigid idea of how the universe (your life) should be and the universe is not playing ball." *
    (note, meaning: *you have expectations that you think you can try to control.*) "Your life is an endless quest to have control"
    News flash: *You do not have control, you never had, and never will have control. *
    The illusion of control comes about because you create goals, and you succeed many times to get the outcome you wanted. But it's not control, it's attempts coming through in your favor. Be grateful for that, not expecting.
    The illusion of control is a wonderful creation because it gives you motivation and aspirations for the meanings and accomplishments in your life.
    Watch 12:00 for example.
    Solution to cultivate resilience to stress?
    Mental chatter creates your life (your artificial life is constructed with this) your mental chatter makes everything an order of magnitude worse than what the situation actually is.
    – *Your mental models are often incorrect*: your thoughts: "this is the way the world works" *but it's not*, it's your simplified understanding of the world, which is close to always an incomplete, the more you believe in your own obscured model, the more you find 'evidence' for that which you've constructed with your mind, more than it actually is true.
    We are living in a matrix that we created in our own head. (in contrary to aliens creating it for uss 'in the movie')
    watch 18:55
    *You have the choice of determining what is the emotional domain you occupy*, in all likelihood you did not even recognize you had a choice and you exercise that choice. The reason you exercise the choice you did is because of your mental chatter and mental models
    Be aware: you are using one or more mental models that are working against the improvement of your life.
    Practice appreciation and gratitude.
    *You don't feel that you are incredibly privileged, you feel that you are put upon. ("life is happening to you"), You need to feel the gratitude and appreciationn not just think it.
    Recognize: whatever you are grateful for, can go away. So don't just be grateful for something, be grateful period. *
    *Be other-centered, don't live in a 'me centered-universe'*, If you live it in 'me-centered' you're going to live a life in mediocrity, punctuated with flashes of pleasure but essentially meaningless.
    Bust out: find a cause that are bigger than you are, and you have tremendous flexibility to define what the greater good and the greater community is. (if you can't manage this you're going to live a mediocre existence)
    *Don't stick labels on things*: Like 'Good thing' or 'Bad thing' (note related: black and white thinking), this damages us big time.
    watch ex. story: 27:40

    Pause to consider: is there any possible way in which your situation can turn out to be good if you look at it differently? (this will take you to a different emotional domain)
    moving into the realm of possibility: is there anything I can do to make that happened? (courses of action you would never have considered)
    If you fail the goals you set you should not let this make you upset, they're only important because they set the direction, once the direction has been set forget about the goals. Letbacks will happend, you need to accept that no matter how bad the outcome.
    *Start enjoying the journey, the journey is the only thing we have, the destination is a mirage*. 32:05 mount everest?
    When you invest in the process, not the outcome, you enjoy the journey.
    Paradoxically: *The more you are detached from the outcome, the higher the probability that you will actually reach the goal you wanted. If you reach the goal? wonderful. If you do not reach the goal? Wonderful. *
    Why? – You have already benefited from the growth that happens to you whether or not you achieve the goal. (and note: when you do find yourself getting stressed, maybe consider how you can grow in that situation instead?)
    34:28 Julis Ceasar
    "Wether we shall meet again, I know not" When you *live in the intencity of recognizing the possibility at every parting that you might not see your partner/child/friend/family ever again. There is a different dimension to the relationship. It will have a transformative effect of your relationships and life* try that as a blueprint for life.
    37:15 Einstein, 'Is the universe friendly?'
    What if what your need is different from what you want? and consider that you might get what you need even though you do not want it.
    Look for evidence that the universe is benevolent, and not indifferent or working against you.
    39:35 a wonderful tale
    (my takeaway: a metaphor for: feed positive thoughts and don't accept the automatic negative thoughts aka mental chatter in your life as your reality.
    *"If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them"*. – Jim Kwik. – Your mental chatter will try to feed the wolf, it's your job to stop it and consciously feed the dog, and with time, your mental chatter just might begin feeding the dog more too. (*tools: affirmations? visualization? like 6 phase meditation, abundance mindset, mindfulness, CBT, 'wouldn't it be nice if' etc.*)
    How can I feel gratitude more than thinking about it? answer at 45:10

    Be also aware lastly (by my own note) that stress gives the same bodily reaction as courage. Rephrase it, Be courageous, not stressed.

  7. Prof. Rao is interesting, but I dare say he contradicts what an MBA is about, at least in the USA where business is about stoking consumerism, self-centeredness, and making things happen–aka controlling your world entirely.

  8. People today are exposed to many daily frustrations. They are also propounded with many electrostatic charges from the atmosphere. These charges are precipitated on the central nervous systems (CNS) which becomes supersaturated. One has to get rid of these extra charges, otherwise, there is the possibility of headaches, neck aches, muscle spasms, etc. The use of anti-depressants, tranquilizers and other mood altering drugs could be reduced or eliminated with the practice of Sujood.

    The best way to rid oneself of these extra electrostatic charges is by dissipating them and discharging them from the body. In the same way that an electrical appliance needs to be grounded by the use of an electric cord, a person will find it helpful to do likewise.

    The frontal areas of the brain are those that control abstract thought, creativity, conscience, and personality. Therefore, "grounding" oneself by putting the forehead (the frontal portion of the brain) on the ground during Sujood has beneficial medical (grounding) properties. The action of putting the forehead, nose, hands, knees, and toes all in contact with the ground at the same time during Sujood will result in a calming feeling resulting from dissipation of the electromagnetic energy."

    Find ur inner peace by Worshipping Our Creator, The Almighty

  9. As a Buddhist I learned that everything that happens in our life is a way for us to grow spiritually, so accepting the situation is important also trough difficulties we can learn the most ,sometimes I got lost in my mind chatter and I speak to myself to go forward, it was wonderful to listen to Srikumar Rao It made me more aware to understand that indeed the Universe is kind and always guiding us to grow,thank you very much!
    40 minutes ago

  10. Supeeb -Duper 👍
    हृदय से आभार आपके श्री चरणों में, डॉक्टर राव 🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕
    Thanks a lot for uploading 😍🙏💕💕

  11. if a person gets to the point where they much prefer the " silence " instead of the troublesome thoughts . Then it becomes much easier to keep putting the Attention on the silent intervals between each thought, until they grow longer, and then become fixed as your natural ground state. Then everyday life becomes much Lighter peace 🎼🎧🎼👌

  12. Namaste! Thank you I'm only 22 but have always been anxious and stressed not about my own life but the hardships of my parents this is very helpful I hope to be able to successfully incorporate this matter into my life so that I may let go and live

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