Headband Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

Headband Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review The Sour Kush, formally known as Headband, has a great yield and the high is completely medical and not …


  1. I got a few RAW classic cones recently, and one strain was like he said, AWFUL as a joint, clump at start of joint, tasted like an ashtray, smoked more like cigar until that ember piece fell off.

    I love the headband and helmet head effects of a few strains, wish I had some! /cheers

  2. Chunky & great effects works 🔥💨 another great review JJ ✌️ Cheers! hope your having a nice weekend, yard work & gardening today! It’s Beautiful here today in Florida 🏖 40’s night, 70’s day on trend here.

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