1. he lost all credibility after saying marijuana is a very dangerous drug. someone who is unable to do 5 minutes of research on the fucking internet about a drug should not be the governor of a state.

  2. β€œA very dangerous drug” that has killed 0 people and practically cures grand mal seizures and eases the misery of diskenesia from Parkinson’s disease among thousands of wonderful things that our God made it to do, in His perfection and love.
    Sir, Tylenol is potentially a very dangerous drug that leads the world in liver poisoning, but please don’t ban acetaminophen, let’s just teach people how to use it properly.

    May The Lord Jesus open your eyes to see with these statements you are following the way of liars and hypocrites. You know not what you do.

    God gave mankind marijuana, how then can you seek to punish people for having it? It is unjust, may He judge between us.

  3. No, he just wants to keep raping the pockets of Illinois residents/homeowners. Displacing homeless and taking away Seniors link cards, both times, right before Thanksgiving and Xmas are his style…he's SO out of office, on a ROCKET!

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