FDA Finally Admits Marijuana Has Medical Relevance: They Must Legalize It Immediately

Stop the nonsense, everyone knows it has medical purposes and isn’t addictive: Support my work via donation: Patreon: …


  1. Okay. If you understood anything about science and frequency application to disease, like man-introduced Cancer, you'd understand that someone's Cancer could be cured by Marijuana use. Their brainwaves change when using. You just got real stupid to me. So sad that so many will actually believe you, as if you're some sort of authority on the subject. I know of people who got cured of Cancer from Marijuana use. They were not mis-diagnosed and they did not resort to other treatments. They just started using Marijuana. Marijuana also prevents Cancer if abused enough, simply by deflecting the commandeering of your body's own frequency resonance. They do this with the nanobots and then activation via sub-frequencies in media (music, movies, etc). 5G is gonna make it easy to hit those who refuse to indulge in media in order to protect their health. Then, smoking weed to stay alive will become reality. Tesla got hit, too. I can only imagine the propaganda you could come up with about him after hearing this.

  2. Recently, scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer. There's no actual clinical studies with undeniable proof yet but the signs are sufficiently promising to warrant further research. So don't throw that bong away just yet.
    Personally, I would welcome a resurgence of the low THC hemp industry, hemp is a far superior thread to cotton, it is certified "waterwise", 100% recyclable, extremely hardy, naturally, pest resistant, stronger and more durable than synthetic rope and fabrics. the seeds make excellent animal fodder and it is a healthy additive to cereals and bread. The oil can be used as lamp fuel, for massage and ingested.for internal health.

  3. Alan Park of the "green crush podcast" out of Toronto stands as testament that Cannabis can and does even "cure/heal/apoptosis" stage 4 prostate cancer which he should have been dead according to western science in 2013 – Hey Sytx, ya got it wrong try again.

  4. I am in a medical state .. I have sciatic nerve / L5 vertebrae /scoliosis issues.. I quit the big pharma opioids back in 2008.. For chronic pain, it just works.. without physical addiction, or withdrawl when you stop.. When I run out of my "meds" I am NOT out stealing, robbing,and assaulting people like those with opioid dependency issues.. I might have a couple rough sleepless nights due to spasms until I get more meds…

  5. As a painkiller addict myself ( hurt in Iraq 04, sober 8 years now) I have seen first hand the benefits of Marijuana therapy in my VA Hospital, I know quite a few veterans using it for PTSD and pain management. Its definitely one of the few things the VA has done right.

  6. Styx are you trolling ? Marijuana was made illegal because.. Dupont wanted it . They did not want competition for their nylon so.. marijuana was made illegal.
    Look it up i'm right on this. The propagandist for making it illegal used as evidence newspaper articles he himself wrote, to convince congress that it was a dangerous drug.
    He was related to the Dupont family. Marijuana has industrial uses that compete and surpass nylon.

  7. I always see stories (progress pictures of x-rays) online of people using large doses of cannabis oil (mixture of THC/CBD) as a last resort when told that their cancer is irreversible.
    After taking the oil, their cancer ends up dying/shrinking massively, would you say that this is just coincidence? Love the vids btw.

  8. cbd oil helps against illnesses so finaly a real answer to certain disseases, the chemical crap mostly helps but got real bad side efects so you need more of that crap against side efects, the oil dont make you high most proven fact ,so yeah ganja makes you high but some aspects of the plant have cures in it and more, cloth gasoline medicine and the list goes on this plant is a gift of the gods and can help humankind but its bad for pharma and co so they wil ban it

  9. Follow the money that is all this has ever been about. As long as someone isn't a heavy smoker, they can easily grow enough for a year and still have some left at the end of it and it doesn't take a field as they would have you believe, a few plants are plenty.
    Yet they are still telling people that vaping is basically as dangerous or more so than smoking and flavorings are the Devil. Truth is it is 95% less harmful, (they use that number as they are still unsure but know it's at least 95%). It has no more contaminants as far as heavy metal and the like, than Normal Air. It also contains none of the Carcinogens associated with combustion, it's steam no fire. There are many studies in the Universities in Europe that support my statements look into them. The University of East London has a few.

  10. Medicinally, Tobacco is an appetite suppressant, and isolated nicotine is a neural stimulant; In the Four Humors greek system Alcohol is a Melanin suppressant by stimulating the counter-balancing Phlegmatic Lymph, so it's a good help to reduce an episode of mental misanthropy or despondency. Roger Scruton starts his days with a shot of some spirit.

    The difference between any medicine and poison is the dosage. The FDA gives with one hand but only because it wants to take with the other.

  11. I don't buy a lot of the hype about how magical cannabis is (it is NOT a cancer cure, I won't believe it until I see actual research) but I have never had doubts about it having medicinal qualities, even if just palliative ones.

    Main reason is my own mother. She was a recreational user (light, just an ounce or less a month) for many years and it was the cigarette smoking that gave her cancer which ended up in one lung being removed before doctors realized the cancer had already moved to the other lung and it was a moot point, clock was ticking and running out fast. But the treatment was killing her faster than the disease.

    Her nebulizer treatments made her hands shake and even the thought of eating made her nauseous, she couldn't keep food down if she tried. But light up the pipe, smoke just a quarter of the bowl and wait 15 minutes … shaking stopped and not only was there no nausea, but she actually felt hungry for a change and could eat. In her case I truly think although the marijuana didn't save her life, it definitely bought her time so I had just a bit more of it before the cancer finally took her from me.

    The drug war is a failure. Shut it the fuck down, let people do what they want, quit making felons for nothing and spend that money on education and rehabilitation for those who need help to quit. Yes, some people get stupid and commit crimes to support their habit, punish them for their transgressions and leave the rest of us alone, try to rehab those people even if it's just training on how to control their urges and keep their habit within their financial means.

    And that includes people who steal to buy drugs (bust them for theft, robbery, assault, whatever is involved). For those who expose kids, whether it's secondhand contact with the drug or allowing them to watch as mommy/daddy shoot/blaze up, punish them for child abuse and take their kids if you have to. If they are leaving their kids unattended while they are high or off getting drugs, bust them for child neglect/endangerment.

    Stop punishing everyone for the actions of a few, this Captain Bligh shit has to STOP, it never works.

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