1. 3:05 – phytocannabinoids provide cellular stretch… phytocannabinoid ligands metabolize in man as neurotransmissions. those transmissions dictate the fate of trillions of cells constantly via pro homeostasis signalling in the endocannabinoid system… the pain reduction is termed – depolarization induced suppression of inhibition of neurotransmitter release ( retrograde signalling) . this molecular signalling action potential occurs in the G protein-coupled receptors located in the cells surfaces . we have predicted that 15,000 cannabinoid signals occur each second per cell ( 7 trans membrane receptor super family) @ about 40 trillion cells each signalling 15k a second… mind blown

  2. THC is cannabis … CBD is cannabis… they are phytocannabinoids.. notice how canna is uin the description ? not a coincedence.. all the identified compounds are derived from cannabis… three types= cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis… marijuana is not an actual real life plant that is identified via botanical sciences

  3. 1:25 = marijuana is not a plant. you cannot reference it as separate of Hemp ETC….. LOL man… cannabis plant … Cannabaceae family of plant life… Angiosperm…
    Marihuana is Wild Mexican tobacco in no way related to cannabaceae . politicians one day long ago decided to rename plant life… they came up with marijuana so the cannabis /hemp plant could be controlled by the new reference ( stick man / straw man )

  4. In Florida, we voted for more extensive medical cannabis. I have a few conditions that often respond well to THC. For some reason the legislature is holding up the implementation of this law. I don’t understand why.

    I’d like to get CBD oil I’m a little concerned that taking an oil just won’t work with my stomach problems I’ve even had trouble with fish oils and cooking with oil but anyway, I need some relief and regular medicine has so many limitations.

    I know I’m off topic, I’m ranting and unsure if Florida will even restrict CBD oil.

  5. Big cannabis hides chemical contamination. In my opinion they are the people pushing all the pesticides and chemicals that have ruined cannabis. I know how safe and medicinal cannabis is but it can be contaminated and it usually is.

  6. the only physical effects of cannabis come from the pesticides that were used to grow it. once it's legalized and tested it will put the pesticide using cartels out of business. and there won't be any negative consequences of using cannabis.

  7. My Granddaughter, smokes weed everyday, all day. Here in Fla, illegal sales are booming. She is always tired and when she gets close to running out. She's on, the phone looking. She said, it calms her nerves because raising two kid's was stressful. However, it's her mom that raises the kid's. When she has friends over with kids they roll and smoke in front of them And this is outside on the front porch . Last night, she was in her third care accident that totalled her car again.

  8. Weed is addictive like tobacco and it is not physical you don't get sweats or stomach acks or hangover like heroin or drink , So the idea is if you smoke weed, is to try and stop using tobacco . That is what I know .

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