Copy of Chronic Pain Patients Commiting Suicide To Escape The Pain

This blog is really hard for me to write and make the video on because I can relate completely I’ve been there and now I want to share my experience and …


  1. It's difficult to not keep responding. Love the "spoon analogy"… and, am commenting as you read that… I was "tagged" drug addict, IN THE MiDST of a Full-On Thyroid Storm.
    My teeth are bad, I have over 10 tattoos, and, I DO Drive my own bike.
    I started out going to a pain clinic 300 miles away, but, would suffer the 14 hour day… This specialist has been in my life 6 short years, and. I've been allowed to keep meds HE feels I will Never not need (my thyroid cancer was a Very Minor dx for me as a human) …. but, I've Never been an addict. I stress, I Must be able to Drive. A bike, specifically… I've kept my pain meds to a Serious minimum… because, He, and my Oncologist, were Good with medical marijuana. I did all my research on marijuana, got through CTU, and, will be Branded Soon. With a pain management doc AND an oncologist ON my Side! I consider THAT a Start in Winning..

  2. Missed you live… This IS a Great video. People Need to see/hear all you say…
    I live in a Very Small town, where suicide is rather horrid. At times, we can have 20 in a month. And, 99% of them Are Pain Issues.
    Thank you for the Deep Explanation. People who never had an opioid issue, do Not Understand.

  3. Awe tyvm its been a VERY rough road and I'm not completely there yet but appreciate the support. Its been a VERY long time since anyone said they were proud of me! Tyvm means ALOT! Much love and stay lifted

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