1. Well I just spoke with my doctor today, Xanax and Benzos in general are on the verge of becoming a banned substance here in Michigan. The Opioid Epidemic was the main focus in the headlines, now Benzos are right behind it.

  2. I need to convince my doctor to put me back ON Xanax. Was on it for 9 years and it worked wonders, never took it to get high, that’s a waste. Then my doctor died and I had to see some new clown Dr. Now, in Michigan, doctors everywhere are switching people from Xanax to Klonopin then trying to wean them off completely! Doctor said Klonopin was the same thing as Xanax and it’s NOT. Problem is I’m on suboxone as well, and they have interactions. My thing is why not take me off the suboxone first which I don’t want to be on for a long time, and just get back on Xanax which I most likely will need for the rest of my life. It’s all messed up. It’s 4 am, not sleeping, not able to do jack basically. Just waiting on how I’m going to approach the doctor in 2 days. Anybody else have a similar experience?

  3. Disclaimers at the end or not, does not excuse a video about posting videos how to obtain benzodiazepines. This is is why patients that needed the medication have now been tapered or cut off completely, that were taking the medicine judiciously. This video is subtly manipulating the viewer on how to obtain medicine. Now people that legimately needed the medication are suffering needlessly. Extreme panic attacks and PTSD are very serious and to make a video like this is not responsible. It's a serious drug and should not be made into a learning video. It is unnecessary. They are a regulated drug and should not have a how to obtain video. Is there one for how to get narcotics? No. Didn't think so.

  4. I know a guy who threatened to blow up a hospital because they wouldn’t prescribe him Xanax (his RX was stolen). He was charged with making terroristic threats/terrorism and got locked up for a good while. Xanax and benzos are garbage medications.

  5. I have tried almost every drug people use for recreation.. none of them got me in trouble like xanax did. Not Cocaine not Heroin.. it was the drug that led me to making the worst decisions of my life while under the influence of this drug. Obviously it is not 100 percent to blame… but I have heard things OVER AND OVER AND OVER about horrible xanax stories. Tread carefully.. Try cannabis first and then exercise and diet.

  6. Doctors don't prescribe Xanax anymore. You'll end up with Klonopin 9/10 times. If you even get that. You'll probably end up with busbar or gabapentin script if you're young. Doctors don't like to prescribe narcotics to young people. For the obvious reasons.

  7. Benzodiazepines are dangerous drugs. Before taking these, please take the time to search Google and YouTube for benzo withdrawal stories. Some of you may still decide to go on them after having done that but if this advice could save at least save ONE person from benzos, I would be glad. I didn't do that myself in the first place because I trusted my doctor and my pharmacist and it turns out I'm not having lots of problems because of that and none of them will listen to me, or believe me.

    Also, NEVER stop them cold turkey.

  8. Careful on this…I’m hesitant myself after I blacked out and ended up at the donut store. However they were good donuts. If you have any drug history in the hospital good luck getting any benzodiazepine

  9. Yeah go looking for a deadly withdrawal!!!! THUMBS UP (you fucking idiot) If you need Xanax a DR (pref a psych) will notice and recommend themselves. You should never be looking. Annd yes I watched the vid. It wasn't horribly wrong at all but the first minute and title are very Dangerous with the nation of retards that use the internet.

    EDIT: XANAX AS ASLEEP AID!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! No NO NO you ARE a FUCKING RETARD!

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