Cannabis Home Cultivation Laws for Growing in your State

Doing the research yourself is vital to connecting to the rapid changes with Cannabis. Within each state their are very different laws, under the title “Legal …


  1. We need to protest stop buying there expensive"medical" products until they listen to the people, on Weedmaps, in NY the oil carts go for 85$ or more! Plus tax a joke your suppose to be helping us not robbing us no plants in a "medical" program smh I guess when ny gets left in the dust by other states with this progress I’ll just go to another state where recreational is a option

  2. Nice Video – You can grow Feminized Seeds – I make colloidal silver for cannabis and sell it to supplement my army retirement. I sell it cheep so growers can try it once before diving into making their own. Check it out at my website

  3. Shameless greed and exactly what I expected. No homegrown and capped limits in grow permits. This is perfect for the big money grow operations that will receive the limited permits in a process that is as equally non transparent as the NYS medical marijuana grower licensing system is now.

  4. LIKE this youtubers, it is the only way to allow this to spread, the words of change. If you use or know someone who uses Cannabis for support, then PLEASE LIKE cause that is how it works! Gratitude Cannabis Lovers!

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