Cannabis Britain's secret Farms HD Documentary

In 2002, Britain produced 15 per cent of its own cannabis. In 2010 that figure is 90 per cent, and police around the country raid at least three factories every day.


  1. Last comment is this one I would rather buy from them than something that is shipped from Mexico or god knows where and was shipped in gas or other nasty toxic crap!!?? You smoke that shit!! I would rather get it from someone who cares about what they are doing than a drug cartel!!! You fools don't understand what good it does!!!weed is not bad!! I work my ass off every day and it's my medicine!!! You have the pills!!!!πŸ’―πŸ”¨πŸˆπŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽΌπŸ€

  2. Stop the cops stupidity!!!!it saves more lives than pills and you can't die!!! Alcohol kills so much people daily!!!πŸ’―πŸ”¨πŸˆπŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽΌπŸ€πŸ’‘fuck the cops

  3. Quit wasting money the drug war is a failure period!!!!! People will always get what they want and the government makes money locking people up!!its business and bullshit!! I'm glad I live in the USA it's not legal in my state but it's not treated like crack anymore and its past time for alcohol to be legal and weed not when alcohol is clearly more dangerous!!!πŸ’―πŸ”¨πŸˆπŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽΌπŸ€

  4. You fuckin wankers! It’s only a fuckin plant! Let people smoke and chill. If weed is dangerous according to you cunts then alcohol should be banned as it’s 100000 times bad than cannabis! Fuckin Idiots!!!

  5. Every single documentary like this just love to base everything around the negative side of weed and nether the good factors Yh it can course mental health issues but if you smoke it and it ain’t for you don’t smoke it weed is is the only drug I know of that know one as ever died of but so many people have died of alcohol yet that’s still legal weed helps cures cancer and has many others medical benefits

  6. "People go out and work hard to earn a living whist others put a few plants under a light and earn lots of money". What does that say about our society and our wage structures where people who work their fingers to the bone are paid less than someone who grows? Here's an idea, pay people a decent living for working legally and you will find that your average Joe Public won't have to grow in his loft to pay his ever increasing bills!

  7. Nonsense. They should make cannabis legal so that it is used domestically without smoke it. The law makers have purposely made it unlawful so that innocent individuals get health issues for smoking it. They should chase the animals which consume this naturally gifted herb for everything living creatures naturally requires.

  8. Cannabis isn’t what it was like 20 odd years ago when it was lovely and crumbly ! Now it’s full of shit chemicals and GMO which does more harm ! I miss those purple haze days

  9. Why tf aren’t we legalising it yetttt! Such a wonderful herb! Oh well, fuck the law. I’m baked while listening to this πŸ˜‚
    Tbf, I would say by 2040 we will do legalised it for recreational use. It’s just a matter of time.

  10. The more i hear "backward Brits" referring to all decent strength weed strains as skunk the more I genuinely feel embarrassed to be a British myself. Seriously, Skunk is a classic strain from the 80's it's not even that strong! SMH.

  11. Hmm, criminal damage caused by criminals because they're already committing a crime…..
    If people were allowed to buy from a taxed business and/or grow their own,it's almost like the taxes could be used to fight more dangerous drugs and criminals would be financially hurt by a legal market… whilst the counter argument could be that criminals will move onto other drugs to make their money, there might also be fewer people buying them as they can get their high legally….
    Not to mention the studies on usage rate spiking in the USA after states have legalised (no significant change in regular user rates).whilst teens will drink and smoke underage , and I'm sure legal cannabis will be bought underage, I'd imagine that legal business owners would be less likely to than a street dealer (same as off licences).
    Cannabis is not that harmful mentally once your brain has developed, same as how alcohol and nicotine can damage developing brains and bodies, but is significantly less harmful to a fully developed, adult mind. Whilst it can trigger underlying mental health problems, cannabis , like alcohol, will have users that experience problems from regular use (think of the withdrawal from alcohol in severe alcoholics).
    For those who wish to use it medicinally (I believe that certain compounds in it are useful,but smoking plant material may not be), surely it is better to get batch tested plants of better known strength and compound range from a dispensery than whatever weed your dealer can get hold of ,and as mentioned in the video, regulating chemicals that may be used when growing could make it safer for all smokers.
    From my own research, I believe that if I went to a pub,quite legally consumed alcohol and smoked tobacco, I would be doing myself more damage than if I were to smoke a joint in my own home. Not to mention the fact that alcohol has been linked to increasing violence (think fights on a night out), and that alcohol poisoning is far more likely than a cannabis overdose. If you do overdose it is not poisonous, but it can make people sedated and prone to vomit. Sure, that's dangerous, but alcohol carries the same risk.

    I'm not saying that people shouldn't consume alcohol or tobacco as I do enjoy it myself ,but I believe that so long as they are legal,so too should cannabis .

  12. Its all bollox. Some people react badly to nice legal manufacturered alcohol that kills thosands and is a nice taxable poision. Yet naturally grown weed is not.
    Come on uk policy makers waje up the fight is pointless it keeps prifuts and violence un the weed world.
    Take a leaf out of holland and California's book make it legal

  13. The truth is, cannabis can be use as medicine so big pharma doesn't want you to touch it as they wouldn't be able to make money for their shareholders profit, you can feed a nation on the seeds which apparently are nutricious from what I've read and with the fibres you can make textile and get dressed without the use of cotton full of pesticides and herbicides which we all wear and poison our skin which is the biggest organ of our body. An ill nation, is a profitable nation, no matter what the government tells you, there is a whole industry living on ill people.

  14. May i just say and this is from personal experience and minor study but mixing tobacco with your weed changes the way it effects the user and make it an addictive substance due to adding in the addictive chemical of tobacco. It creates a different high and has a much harsher effect physically.

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