1. cant you keep anything growing year round? just one patch of cover crop coming in? would be better if you can keep anything growing. keep the soil alive, give the worms roots to play in… especially if you can attract beneficial insects

  2. You should make a video about the different ways to make seeds and whether or not it helps to stabilize a new strain. You have the old fashioned way, male and female plant. Then, male flowers appearing on a female plant. A male and female from the first batch of seeds and crossing a first round seed with the original mother plant. Do feminized seeds help stabilize the strain?

  3. @Kaligrownbudz have you done a video on what soil mix you use for your seedlings? I've noticed your seedling growth is much faster than mine. My soil mix is organic G&B raised bed soil. Nothing added other than about 50% perlite. Temps sit in the 70's, humidity sits in the 40s. My lights are identical to yours except mine are the t5 4' with i think 6 bulbs. Cycle is down to 16/8 as i have started dialing the light back to adjust the plants to what they will be in just over a month from now. Height is 12" above the seedlings as i have other further along veg plants as well. If im doing my best to mirror yours which seems to be a proven method. Where am i going wrong. This is only my second season. Last year i did great but it was clones, except for 2 shiskaberry seeds i popped.

  4. so in the 3×3 how will you maintain your worms and keep them from exscaping, and or keeping them from moles? i just need any and all tips to keep my plants mole proof. i love your setup looks amazing. thank you so much for my tharapy for the day.

  5. 2 of my 9 seedlings looked like they were damping off, whitish brown stem, leaves not open, and limply laying on the soil all dead like. 2 days ago I gently dug one up and noticed some white fuzz in the soil. Well damn. This is my first grow, I've researched so much and was careful to not over water, so Im bummed. its been warm and humid from all the rains here in Cali so maybe thats why this happened? I carefully reburied my sad looking limp seedling, then made a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part 3% peroxide & watered it. So much foam and fizz spewed out! Decided to treat all my girls just to be safe. Today, those two seedlings are now standing tall, leaves open- healthy looking green. I hope i did the right thing, and if so i hope reading this helps someone else.

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