1. Hey friends! I wanted to thank you all for the amazing support so far, your comments are so nice I hope you show that much love to the artists as well <3
    As many of you seem to appreciate the visuals I use, I've decided to make a facebook page where I'll share similar visuals and mixes: https://www.facebook.com/Asthenica/
    Follow if you wish 🙂

  2. On the highway, alone, going to a Mike Shinoda concert, it's dark, going 65, heater's on, sipping on warm black coffee, deciding to Synth.
    That was an awesome way to travel through the universe.

  3. What is your choice guys?
    Testarossa / Countach / Delorean / F40 / Vector W8 / K.I.T.T. / Kaneda's Bike / 300ZX / XT6 Alcyone / 928 GTS / Batmobile / AE86 / BMW M1 / Porsche 959 or something different?

  4. A crack of thunder and a blinding flash illuminates the skyscrapers black against the shining clouds. As the light dims, the city's deadened lights return to focus. Across the street, there is a pornography store next to a deli next to a booming club; the dredges out past 3 am carry themselves and their lovers home in the rain. Through the glass you cannot hear the rain, but when you put your hand against the pane, you can feel it. Your breath clouds the window. You return your gaze to your coffee, still steaming, and to the otherwise empty diner you're sitting in. You sigh. It's been hard.

    The waitress is standing at the till, checking the clock. You can hear dishes being quietly cleaned in the kitchen, around the corner from where you're sitting. The room is dull chrome, pale pink lights from under the tables show your sneakers, caked in muck. Your peacoat, a gift from your father before he passed away, hangs carelessly on a hook next to your table. You're thinking about him a lot lately. You're thinking about your ex too, when you found out she was going to Mars. You've never had the money to leave Earth, but you've never wanted anything so desperately.

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