1. They knew this shit now look , GMO food fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation wake up sheeple etc. look up stingray

  2. Big pharma doesn't want a cure.They just want you to keeps using their evil pills to keep you living longer to do more pills.They're pumping out the disinformation at record levels.Now that Canada legalized cannabis,there are going to be big changes.

  3. Stage 3 multiple myeloma, 3 blood transfusions,down to 100 lbs, was offered chemo, to break down my emmune system, then bone marrow transplant. Someone said cannabis oil would cure it. Asked how long I would have if I used chemo etc. Was told one man lived 5 years, but most dont. My choice was using a herb . Didnt want to lose my hair and be sick for short term , oil was donated to me for 5 years. Here I am 8 years later. The only side effect I found, Was it gave me the muncheezz, now I need to go on a plant based diet to lose a little weight. I may add that many people were praying for me.I now take care of a small farm full of animals, very happy

  4. The three main entities that oppose legalizing cannabis are:
    1. Law enforcement
    2. The private prison industry
    3. Drug cartels

    Interesting, isn't it?

  5. Fake News The brains entire white matter shrinks. Those new brain cells triggered by cannabis are called Tumors. Just ask Bob Marley died of a brain tumor and lung cancer caused by smoking Marijuana. You all are being deceived by the marijuana industrial complex and it's marijuana stock investors who are publicly lying their way toward making this idiot factory-making drug normalized in the American public. Those who are pushing marijuana drug addiction are social Terrorists turning the masses of America's people into intellectually dysfunctional individual. A protein Interlukin-10 with MARIJUANA CREATES TUMORS. IN FACT OF THE VERY PEOPLE WHO CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN CURED OF CANCER "THANKS TO CANNABIS" HAVE ALREADY DIED OF CANCER. BUT THE ARTIFICALLY OPTIMIZED WEBSITES AND BLOGs THAT HAVE GOTTEN HIGHER RANKINGS ON GOOGLE so that drug pushers can sell weed online and make blood money off these gullible addicts. Most of this people so called cured by marijuana combined it with chemotherapy. The chemotherapy did more to kill the cancer than cannabis which contains over 33 cancer causing agents.

  6. #NonPsychoActive #Medical or #Medicinal #FoodGrade #Herb known as #CannabisSativa Aka. Industrial #Hemp or #Cannabis Hemp or by its biblical names #KanehBosm, #Kanabos or #KanehBos which is rich in high levels of #Cannabidiol (#CBD), #Ketones, #Terpenes, #FattyAcids, #Vitamins, #TraceMinerals & other #healthy #wholesome #Nutrients is the real #healing herb brand.

    It should never be confused with #Psychoactive, #Hallucinogenic inducing #Psychopharmaceutical or #Psychotropic look alike Herb Twin, '#ReeferMadness' causing #CannabisIndica Aka. #Marijuana, #Weed, #Reefer, #Cannabis, #Pot #Ganja, #Cañamo, #Yerba , etc., which has a high content of #THC that can cause #Psychosis or #Psychotic #Hallucinations or make people sick, high or stupid or even cause #Nausea, #Hypertension [#HTN] or #HighBloodPressure, #HBP, #HeartAttacks and fatal #Vehicular #Accidents –>

  7. My pops died riddled with cancer 2/7/17. The doctor said if there was a stage 5 he would have it.Had he not stopped smoking after getting married in 2015ish I don't think the cancer would have developed or metastasized

  8. So what I've gathered… cells turn lipids into bio-chemical signals for homeostasis.. key word= lipid… eat correctly and you have lipids that act as a sheath over your entire anatomy to regulate how cells respond in the environment! your body tries to adjust to the fats you eat that do not always match the correct omega profile to represent lipid bio-chemical retrograde transmissions ( endocannabinoids / eicosanoids / PUFAs / EFAs ).. this too is accumulative in life and every molecule of fat you Eat gets bio-recognized or not when your body burns that fat as fuel and signals to run you http://themodern.farm/studies/Omega-3%20Deficiancy%20Abolish%20Endocannabinoid%20Function.pdf

  9. Our Prosperity AND the Truth, was intentionally kept from US because of Greed. All of the most pressing problems of today, Environmentally and Biologically can be Linked back to 1937 Cannabis Prohibition. How? Alcohol & Pot prohibition was Never about "getting lit", it was really about the elite whom have Suppressed Natural Energy Solutions. Since Nixon, the DEA has spent over a trillion dollars fighting "Mostly Pot"! Presidents like Bush Sr., helped Remove all Cannabis information from Libraries and Pentiums. Mostly unknown, underlying issues are so massively Important to all Life on Earth, that's why the majority of Americans have been Manipulated & Lied to and now, "falsely" worry about "stoned driving". "They" (having total control over the Media) have the majority of US so brainwashed that "stoned driving" makes the "News" instead of an actual first, recognized "Panacea", that could Help and Heal The Earth, and all "on board". First of all, the real statistics indicate "No" upswing in traffic deaths related to cannabis. Second, the media Lies. Third, Everything we were taught about POT was a LIE! Pharmaceutical drug interactions kill 91 people everyday. Prescription Medications, taken as directed, kills someone every five minutes,that's 100,000 Americans a year,- 270 per day, or, more than twice as many who are killed in car accidents each day. I agree that for people "New" to consuming Cannabis, aka; pot, should use extreme caution, there are regulations for a reason. It is very Easy to get sick and feel like you're dying from just an "extra cookie". This is stronger than reg. pot because it's a concentrated extract (it's impossible to die from a pot overdose). Warning! :always follow Directions! Traffic fatalities from "beginners" or the "sick", do happen, however, it is seriously just a Drop in the Bucket, a fraction, when compared to Alcohol related fatalities. The media will play up "pot crashes" to fill You with Fear (neg. perception) when the Truth is so exceeding of our imaginations of what Good this plant can do for Everyone and Everything! We will see in the statistics, legal states (like CO, where Edibles equal HALF of all pot sold), the people's Health will be better than the national average. 50,000 superior, sustainable improvements from Environmental to Biological, nothing else could Save our planet like the Cannabis Sativa L Plant. They "Lied about everything", about the "Everything Plant"!
    Prescription opioid deaths, now surpass gun-related deaths! Big Pharma is literally killing more people than GUNS! The opioid epidemic in America is killing more people than guns and the blame rests squarely on Big Pharma. Until 2007, the number of deaths by firearm was five times greater than those caused by overdoses, but in 2015 overdose deaths surpassed gun deaths for the first time and it looks like the trend will continue. Now that federal regulations have finally caught up to the pharmaceutical drug problem in this country and doctors have wised up to the sinister realities of the drug nicknamed ‘Hillbilly Heroin,’ the hard and fast days of Oxycontin are over.” Many are now arguing that the epidemic hasn’t gone away so much as it has evolved. The normal progression is from pain pills to heroin for multiple reasons; cost, more effective, easier to get, etc. Heroin use is again on the upswing. Like a shrewd virus that mutates once it confronts a vaccine, Americans’ addiction to opioids has survived the government crackdown on Oxycontin and fled to the seedy asylum of heroin.” Pot helps heroin withdrawals by 50% and saves lives, states with legal pot saw 25% drop in opioid fatalities.
    Medicines are just part of what Pot can do to Help our population and planet. We need to Re-Educate Everybody, this shit is getting old and the Earth and it's Inhabitants, are being Poisoned. Help Educate about Sustainability. I Love my country enough to want to educate in order to Fix our governments, …don't you?
    The Earth is running out of precious natural resources and they don't want to use the most productive, cost efficient, available, etc. "resource", the "Cannabis Plant", that could replace all materials and do a much better job while creating half the pollution of todays flawed materials. All plastics ever made, are still here and what DuPont won't tell us, is after 100 years, when biodegrading, plastics become extremely toxic. Petroleum is in the majority of products and when it degrades, it is very toxic.

  10. When My daughter was 25 years old, she was diagnosed of breast
    cancer with metastasis to her abdomen, she was also suffering from
    chronic disease.After several operations on her, the cancer came back
    with extreme force to take my daughter life and not talking about the
    chronic disease that she was suffering from cancer and other pains.My daughter had no way of a perfect health again.But all glory to GOD who show me to this faithful guy whom supply my daughter with Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil is the remedy for cancer it was a miracle that my daughter regain health if anybody is going through the same situation or just in need of cannabis be it a smokers or a patience he/she to contact me friend on KIK ID….. georgemake but if you don't kik download it from your play store from your phone enjoy your cannabis

  11. I really can't believe the lies that have surrounded cannabis, the shear extent of them is nothing short of mind blowing, someone needs a good kicking for it…literally, it's fucking disgusting.

  12. It's pretty obvious big Pharma doesn't want it legal as you can't patent a plant that will grow almost anywhere. Remember though to stay in school and stay off drugs kids as these substances can be bad for the developing brain!!

  13. ark/mmj new law is hitting roadblock.ARKANSAS.Sen. Rapert (R), introduced a bill to halt our new law,stating that there is no medical use for thc/that only small numbers of the population use it medicinally ..and the rest just want to get high..i'll be back in a moment with his ..E MAIL ADDRESS.so anyone can send him a comment………jda.

  14. Government needs to legalize. Crazy government puts fluoride in the water, lies about the moon landing, goes to war with other countires based on 16 lying intellegence agencies, FDA sells poisonous alcohol and cigaretts, GMOs, Chem trails, Human trafficking and pedophelia are rampent. 1.6 million people in prison calls itself the "leader of the free world".

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