What really matters at the end of life | BJ Miller

At the end of our lives, what do we most wish for? For many, it’s simply comfort, respect, love. BJ Miller is a palliative care physician who thinks deeply about how …


  1. Philosophically, this was a great explanation and experience detailed. But as human beings, we do have a maker(soul/body) which lead us mandatory to God Yahweh!
    Jesus Christ is the only way people! All that talk won't matter if we don't have God light in our life. Repent and make a relationship with your maker!

  2. There are people wanting to be alone to find out who they really are by not being a dad or husband or a boss or grandpa..justcto know what life is in the YOU u have. Start living ..look at the birds..trees ..colour of nature…love without being loved but loving the YOU U have right now.

  3. my teeth broke the other day and I'm keep thinking I'm not whole again and I keep looking where my tooth used to be
    then this guy has one limb left..

  4. Reversing biological aging is the way forward. Do not be deceived into believing that death by old age (and related issues) is inevitable. We will fight, and one fine day, we will win – and even death may die.

  5. godevil..inne….continuous to befor…..godevil…god live…hahahah!!!go…erbe wenn i s d usegheit…scheissse….gen erben kreislauf..echt…aber technik hilft weiter…. thats the solution..and our biggesst pronblem…

  6. Born with a 15% chance of life as a result of being a premature baby I understand everything he says about the beauty of life. God bless everyone and life an amazing life.

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  8. Dying is always in my thought everyday, but then I’m having three kids now and helps me realized I have to stay alive for them and working helps me to make life going specially helping elder people that are sick and makes them comfortable daily makes me alive

  9. Just tried to end it two days ago. Only ended up cutting myself with a blunt kitchen knife. This gave me hope which I'd lost awhile ago.. His words are so tragically poetic. Listening to him speak was an aesthetic experience in itself. What I would like to know though are the thoughts of the 2000 people who apparently disliked this? Is it because they find it pretentious? I believe he was speaking from the heart and as someone who has suffered so much, knows how how it is and still had the courage to speak about his experience to reach out to those of us who couldn't and really just to everyone who doesn't even know. Is it because he spoke the truth?

  10. BJ miller put the process of life so eloquently that it brought me to tears. Life is beautiful, it is gorgeous… it is magnificent…. and the way that people not only develop.. but grow the way that BJ has.. is the most stunning thing I have/or ever will see. Humans are beautiful in every way.

  11. The system in my country is flawed as well.
    I'm 20 yo without any diploma or job taking care of my 75 yo grandma. We live together now and my grandma has been volunteering for more than 15 years to get food on our tables. She works 2 days a week at her age and spend her days standing at counters to give food to people who can't afford it. She gets food herself but can only get stuff when all the people had their share. When we were living away from our home town, she still took the bus for 4 hours those 2 days because without it, we couldn't eat.

    She doesn't want to be in a nursing home or something. She doesn't want to be forgotten or to be mistreated. It's also crazy expensive and it's way cheaper for us to live together in a 2 bedroom appartment than for her to be in one of those dying center.

    She worked for more than 45 years in psychiatry as a nurse and she sure knows how inhumane the system is.
    People with mental illnesses being taken care of more like animals than people.

    I can't afford to have a job now. First of all for medical issues, second of all, I don't want her to die sad and alone. I try my hardest to bring a bit of joy at home and make her life more livable.

    We recently been able to move out of our old dirty place. She's been so much better now that she has her space, can do more by herself thanks to the elevator chair, has a nice TV where she can actually see and hear something.
    She can see her friends and do her stuff now. Since we had came into that horrible previous appartement 3 years prior, her health declined, and she, who never had to go the hospital for anything and even got to joke around after having a care accident, suddenly fell ill very often. She had never spent so much time going in and out the hospital in her life.

    Doctors don't have the time to explain things to her very well, and it causes great stress for her. She doesn't understand what they say and they just don't really care. I swear if i let her go into a medical building alone, she gets out from her exams not knowing a thing they saw at the results.

    She also had a friend in a nursing home who sadly passed a few months after getting there. The caregivers weren't paying much attention to anything other than cleaning and making sure there was toilet paper.
    She spent her last months completely isolated. And it's not even rare.

    I'm not throwing the stone at the nurses and people working in nursing home. I know how little time they have to take care of people as nursing is turning almost into an industry service. And I know how little people are wanting to go and talk to random old people who need to be talked to loudly and clearly, and may not have much control left over their bodily fluids.

  12. We don't know how happy we can be as we are now regardless of anything and everything in the world. It is completely different from the fact that life in not equal to happiness at all. We must see these to be truly who we are and truly happy as a result.

  13. I can not like this enough, thinking what he's been through is what got him to this level of mental stability. He is so strong, a champion, as you all are, guys. I know this may not be seen by a lot of people, and that doesn't really matter. Take care and, as he said, don't live in spite of death, but because of it!

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