[UNCENSORED] Phil Hellmuth Storms Off The Set – $200,000 Poker Match

Phil Hellmuth gets steamed up and melts down in classic fashion. He’s up against Parker Talbot, known online as Tonkaaaap (from Team Neverlucky), who has …


  1. Here is a Hellmuth example. Strong player, playing like he is string in this hand, but Hellmuth's strong hand missed. Hellmuth has third pair ONLY You have to take the hit, and fold. You were always behind, you have to think. Hellmuth needs Maria Ho to coach him. She folds middle set like it's garbage. She was wrong far over on the other side of the correct play, so arriving at the middle, folding weak pair/kicker is the hybrid position, the correct play.

  2. If Phil Hell…muth were 200% as good as he thinks he is he STILL wouldn't be 10% the player Phil Ivey is. This pud is the poster child of what a "victim" looks like.

  3. I understand you Phil. I get people the same way. I got you putting your chips in a bad situation then bam 💥 dumb luck wins. I realize if you play this game like a fucking idiot instead of thinking too much you have a better shot. But after reading your book bro Good luck

  4. He may have the most bracelets but he will never have the grace of Texas Dolly , you never hear Brunson whingeing when he loses .

    Phil acts like poker owes him a favour and he thinks that the cards should always fall his way . Not surprised he’s had a few black eyes along the way.

  5. Terrible turn call by Tonka, pretty bad river shove by Hellmuth (I guess he'd ruled out the flush by the turn call) still didn't have to shove though. Always satisfying to see childish players bad beat though.

  6. No one takes beats with less class than Helmuth. That said, Tomka was hitting some pretty sick bad beats against Phil, and Phil actually played his hands well in these spots. Phil just ran into a cold deck. As fun as it is to watch Phil get handed a suckout and start ranting, I do feel sympathy for Phil, as he is undoubtedly a great player. Phil has had his moments where he has gotten caught up in an ego match against players who are running hot against him, and he will start playing poorly at that point, but that is more of an ego thing, as opposed to Phil being a garden variety donk. And it's not like he hasn't accomplished enough in his career to have that type of ego. But with how poorly he handles suckouts, it still makes for great entertainment watching him get beat. My favorite player to watch get beat though has to be Vanessa Selbst. "She's" overly aggressive with no release valve, doesn't have good reading abilities, and she isn't a good cash game player. Her fatalistic playing style works well for tournaments, as long as she's running hot, but it will get "her" destroyed in cash games against people who have just as much, if not more in their bankroll than "her". Yet for some reason, Selbst has an overly inflated ego and handles suckouts just as poorly as Phil. I could watch Selbst getting beat all day long and it wouldn't get old 🤣

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