Treyarch Announces NEW Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies Content! (TONS OF INFO)

Treyarch has announced a ton of new features, modes, and content that will coming to Black Ops 4! This content spans across Multiplayer, Blackout, and …


  1. HELLO NOTIFICATION SQUAD! At long last the video is live… YouTube processing had this video stuck at 240p for about an hour. What do you think of the new content that was announced? Be sure to leave a like if you enjoy the video 😀

  2. So, is it just me but…I like the camos that show off the work I have done, Gold and Diamond mean something. They don't mean I got luck in a supply drop or bought something. Now I will never uses reactive, ever. I like my DarkMatter thank you!

  3. Really buff the pistols they already strong like the mozu 2 shot kill 🤦‍♂️ most annoying way to die that shit need to be nerf and the one shot shotgun make that shit a 2 shot. secondary should never be better than a secondary

  4. I hate that you dont need gold to use reactive camos on guns now! Now there are gonna be reactive camos everywhere!! If everyone has them on any gun, its no longer special!

  5. Neroscinema You saidstarting tomorrow, we wil hve a barebones plalist, well its tomorrow, I dont see a barebones playlist at all. or was this on ps4 only? You didnt say it was PS4 exclusive.

  6. Super excited for this. Has anyone tried MW remastered by the way? I just hoped on and it was crazy fun. Actually uploaded some gameplay on my channel to ! Anyway, hype is real blackout updates need to keep coming out 🙂

  7. Black ops pass was a gigantic waste of money. These map variants are not new maps. Starting to make me wonder if it’s worth buying any new future cods. They seem to keep getting worse and worse.

  8. There probably isn’t enough memory for the game to sustain a combat record and the game would probably just not work well I mean do you notice how buggy it is to make a class in mp but they sure as hell had no problem
    overloading it with micro transactions

  9. Hey just wanted to let you all know don't ask simple questions about how Nero gets his work done on twitter because it equals an instant ban. He doesn't want you to know he gets his info from wikipedia. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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