So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art

Check out this video to learn a bit about a concept artist’s role on a game team, from establishing constraints and preparing to design a concept, to narrowing in …


  1. 我想问一下这他妈中文字幕是谁翻译的。。。太有才了!!!!!!!!!pitchfork翻译成40米大砍刀。The chinese subtitle is awesome! Whoever is responsible for this deserves a raise!

  2. This really helped me a lot. I aspire to be a concept artist in the future and this video really provided lot of inspiration and helpful advice for me. ^^

  3. YES
    Everyone understands conceptart so wrong. When it says it's just concepts for something anyways. AHHH
    I want to become one, let's see where I'm going =)

  4. This video was so insightful and helpful and knowing more about how the incredible concept work i've been ogling came to be just makes me want to do it more! Thank you thank you thank you for this tubular video!

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