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If your kitchen overwhelms you and you’d love to simplify it in a way that makes it so you cook more (and eat out less) and it is SUPER SIMPLE to keep clean, …


  1. If this is your first time watching any of my videos: 1) Welcome!!! 2) I don't normally make videos this LONG (almost all are 5-10 minutes), I won't make a habit of it! 3) I'm still learning! I just started posting consistently in June and this has been a rather public learning curve! 😉 So if you notice me glancing to the right (I'm trying to think of the next thing I want to say), the lighting going in and out or other technical quirks…I will get better at this! BUT, I hope you find the info helpful and I look forward to supporting you on this journey…it is SO worthwhile!!! 🙂

  2. I like to keep my kitchen pretty minimal. Dont really have a choice because I have a tiny kitchen. I absolutely hate getting gifts of kitchen stuff from family. It is always something that I either dont love or a gadget whose job can be done with another tool that I already have. This is so frustrating to me because I have to keep clutter for a certain amount of time before I can get rid of it without being noticed.

  3. I’m new to watching and I’m addicted because of your sunny disposition!😍 I’ve just started TRYING to live minimal. I’m finding it tough but I keep going forward, purging things that I don’t use or bought on a whim. It feels so good to cupboards and think, I really need to organise this. This video is great. Love the simplicity in your ideas.❤️Much love from London!🇬🇧

  4. You are lovely.and charming, with great ideas. But this is waay too long. But this video could have been 5 minutes long, max. The shorter the video the more clicks. Two tips to make a 3 -5 minute, more effective video.
    1. Never stand in front of the camera (as.delightful as you are.)
    2. Wrote a script. Edit it down to 1 page. One page takes on average 3 minutes to read. Then organize that one page into bullet points. Type those bullet points onto the screen. Read the text while showing the bullet points. You will have an INCREDIBLY concise, valuable video, valuable to your grateful viewers, with tons of clicks. Your videos will skyrocket in demand. Please try this for your smart ideas and viewers. I think you'll like the results.

  5. It's funny how you said we think we are lazy because the truth is I am, but it's not a bad thing. I always tell people I'm the lazyist person in the world. So for example I will buy furniture that have no legs, so they go to the floor so I don't have to clean under it. I only have enough cups and crockery for the amount of people in my house and in my buffet I have extra for Christmas etc.

  6. Okay, I came here from your childrens laundry simplification video. I'm not even half way through this video and I'm subbing.
    I'm a homeschooling mom of 5 littles ages ten and under in a small house that I'm desperately trying to declutter and simplify so our house can feel like a home!!!! I am so thankful I've found you!!!!

  7. I just cleaned out our glasses, mugs, water bottles, etc. Took maybe half an hour to sort. One thing I noticed is that you don't have a drying rack sitting out. How do you handwash your dishes?

  8. I'm kind of taking baby steps with this because I have this fear of wasting stuff or throwing something out that I can't afford to replace. That said, I took an old oatmeal cylinder and pulled out all our silverware except enough for each of us to have 2 complete sets. OH MY GOODNESS! I used to DREAD doing dishes, especially the silverware because I had SO MUCH! The silverware alone would stuff the dishwasher caddy 3 TIMES! Now, even if I am lazy and don't wash the dishes all day long, one dishwasher load is usually enough to get it all clean again. I love this strategy! I could never get through everything by trying to decide what to get rid of, now all I have to do is decide what to keep (within pre-established boundaries and limits)! THANK YOU SO MUCH, DAWN!

  9. Hi Dawn,
    I have been loving your videos since I started following you a few months ago. Watching this video about your “tough love” perspective finally propelled me into a new level of action. Watching this video actually changed how I see my material things and my clutter. I have gained new clutter glasses! Now I see what is clutter and what is not. What I need, use and love and what is getting in my way or holding me back. I decluttered my kitchen last night (sorry no pictures because it was so unexpected). I made it more functional and simplified. One of the things I did was to get rid of the coffee K cup 3-drawer storage organizer. I realized that it was taking up valuable counter space and time to open the drawers and to fill the drawers too. Now I have a pretty bowl and can just dump the box of K cups and done. Yay! Today I finally decided I am emotionally ready to part with my wedding dress. This is huge! I was holding on to it for sentimental reasons and I was planning on being buried in it. I recently decided to be cremated instead. My mom died a few months ago and I found her wedding dress from 1966! My parents were married 50 years when my dad died 1and 1/2 years ago. So, I am in search of doing something special with my wedding dress and my mom’s too. I have heard of people that make infant gowns for stillborns. This is something I am looking into. Thank you for giving me this light bulb changing moment! I am forever changed! Love and Hugs, Adele

  10. I agree with the paper clutter in the kitchen! I immediately took the papers out of my kitchen when I saw this video. I am on a mission to make peace with papers in my house. I also started running my dishwasher everyday and it's just my husband and I, but I cook a lot and it's worth it. My dishes get cleaner when it's not overloaded too. I tossed half my cook books after watching this and only kept the ones that are timeless and apply to me now. Next, will be the spice cabinet! Good job, you are a cutie!

  11. Great Video! I use to be like this! I stopped organizing things for years. Well I was doing it to a minimum. I just recently put out in the universe that I am retraining myself and starting all over again. Taking baby step with faith and getting organized! What a wonderful feeling it bring me to be organized which will make more room for more blessings in my life!

  12. I've enjoyed the kitchen I'm in now so much more than any other kitchen I've had before because it's bigger and "somewhat" simplified. There is however my beautiful cookbooks that I've spent a lot of money on over the years that are taking up valuable real estate in my kitchen and making me feel guilty because I never look at them. We have very little storage in this home and really no other place for them. I'm so happy to have watched this video because I really think now I can get rid of the cookbooks and get rid of the guilt!! Thank you so much, you have really helped me!!

  13. People say that you are lazy because you like to keep things simple?? To me that's smart not lazy. I love how organized you are. I'm the same way, if I don't need it, it is gone!

  14. I'm late to your podcast. But omg I love it. Your so relatable and lovely. I love the thinking like vacation rental. It's so true. My guilt is tea, everyone in my family buys me tea for all the occasions cause they know I enjoy it. But wow using it all is overwhelming. I regift the unopened ones and I had to toss some because it expired. I'm fortunate enough to have a fairly large pantry, but it's a total disaster with small appliances and misc stuff. This weekend I will tackle this disaster. I'll put my Google home to work blasting some good music and getting my butt in gear.

  15. We have 12 + 12 + 12 spoonsinus the ones that have been thrown away and lost. 8 people. We run the dishwasher 3x every 2 days. So I love the "everything you use within dishwasher time" idea. 😉

  16. Okay I love that you addressed the 2 groups of people. I call myself EFFICIENT. I want to be efficient, and that's not lazy! I hate cleaning, but I love a clean kitchen. But we have 8 people and I am the ONLY one who cleans it. 😢 I could spend my whole entire day cleaning up other people's messes. NOT EFFICIENT. So thank you!

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